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Please can we use your Magic movie in our TV program? — 6 Comments

  1. Magic certainly adores that little boy. He gives Andreas the full body rub, quite literally from nose to tail. Those two are going to have a very special bond, growing up together.

    Michael: I’m so pleased for you about the clip being included on Japanese TV. I hope it generates more viewers for you on youtube and this site.

    • Thanks Michele. I am blowing my trumpet but sometimes you have to. Also credit should be given to the Stuckis who used to own A1 Savannahs. Kathrin videoed the event and I made the video.

    • Yes, I was pleased. Actually I have been asked before but on the previous occasion the terms and conditions were too onerous so I refused. It all helps to increase PoC exposure, get hits and spread the word about cat welfare.

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