Please Describe The Colour Pattern Of The Cats Illustrated

Please Describe The Colour Pattern Of The Cats Illustrated

by Lee Benjamin


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RagaMuffin "Dreamer" - Blue Mackerel Tabby and White Coat

Why isn't the cat's color patterns written next to their photos? This would help people know what color pattern they like or don't like. It is the first thing people look for in each breed of cat in a cat search.

It's so hard to find the answers per cat breed that's purebred. Saying all color patterns in a paragraph will never be helpful.

It's plain retarded. Not you. To Most cat breeders. It's also the easiest way to learn these things compared to just showing photos of color patterns of cats. Please spread it around for help to all pet wholesale pure breed cat searchers. Please?!.....


Hi... Thanks for telling me, Lee. Yes, I agree with what you have said and I can do better.

What I will do is go over the pages that illustrate all the cat breeds on this site and describe the coat types, patterns etc...if I can.

One reason why I haven't done it all the time is because it is easy sometimes to get it wrong and it takes time. Cat coats are quite technical. And I would rather not describe the coat than describe it and get it incorrect.

But your input is welcome as it helps me to improve the site. Please come back in about 3 months! I'll start with the RagaMuffin's page as that is where you left your post. I have started by describing the RagaMuffin cat heading this page.

I moved your post to the Forum page.

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Please Describe The Colour Pattern Of The Cats Illustrated

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Please Describe The Colour Pattern Of The Cats Illustrated

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Jan 13, 2010 Difficult task
by: kathy

I agree this can be very difficult. I now have a Savannah kitten and raised Bengals in the past. I became confused a few weeks ago as to what the difference was between a mackeral pattern and the marble pattern. IN Bengals there is a marble pattern. When I was reading the Savannah standard it said that the mackeral pattern was not allowed. Someone told me that they were the same. So what is it?? Is that a different term for the same coat pattern?? Good luck Michael for a very difficult task!!!

Jan 12, 2010 Colours and Patterns
by: Maggie Sharp

Michael, be careful because in different registries and associations one colour can often have different names.

As you know I'm an Aby person, so I'll use Abys as an example.

Tawny is Chilli's colour, which is also known as Ruddy or Usual. And Cinnamon is also known as Red or Sorrel. This occurs in several breeds of cat.

Good luck!

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