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Does your cat allow you to go out without feeling guilty? One of ours does but one doesn't.

If Walter sees 'going out' preparations being made, he just goes off to bed, he's a cat that likes his rest anyway.

Not so Jozef! He will try anything to stop us. He suddenly decides he desperately needs to go out himself and meows pitifully at each door even if he hadn't long been in and was quite settled before he saw us getting ready.

When that doesn't work he runs upstairs with us so that when we are ready to come back down he can lie across a stair like a stop barrier.

After climbing over him and reaching the bottom to step into my shoes by the front door, he runs down and lies on my shoes. He will sit on one of my feet if I've got my shoes on before he gets there.

'You are not going' is his very plain message. 'You can't leave me shut in and go off enjoying all that fresh air' lol

The final stage is to jump onto the front windowsill and sit looking out like a poor prisoner who never sees light of day.

He watches us go, with a really hard done by expression. I'd love to know if anyone else's cats do this too?

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Apr 30, 2010 My girls just sleep on...
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Poor Jozef. Do you know how long he stays in the window looking for you?
Our cats do not wait for us by the front door when we come home, but soon as they hear the key in the lock or just our steps outside, they'll come to greet us. Not head over heels, but walking slowly one after the other like two dignified lionesses.
In the morning when I leave for work the old girls hardly notice me, but just sleep on all three of them - Milly, Snow White and my wife... πŸ˜‰

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Apr 27, 2010 Jozef
by: Tracey

Ah just look at that little face! Bless him.

My Benji (who I lost Jan 2009) used to watch me getting ready. He used to meeow to try to stop me going out but if this didn't work he would just stare pitifully at me.

I felt so guilty. I hated leaving him. I always used to tell him that 'mom had to go to earn the pennies to feed the pussycats' made no difference though.

When I came home he would run down the stairs meowing and he would launch himself into my arms from the 3rd or 4th step up. Even though I now have Ozzie and Alfie I still miss him terribly.

Apr 26, 2010 Again, Mommie?
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Yep, Sadie does it too, but she's gotten better.

She knows the morning routine, from tapping my face/nose to get me out of bed, to getting her "special treat," to waiting outside the bath whilst I get ready for work, to waiting patiently for breakfast to be prepared for her.

She lets me go out, but not until I give her kisses; otherwise, she'll block the door. If I don't return from work by 6pm, she'll be waiting right inside the door and when the door opens, she's got lots to say! Otherwise, she'll be lounging on her chair, facing the door watching expectantly. Once inside, she sits up on her chair waiting for her kisses. It's really adorable.

Apr 26, 2010 My cats do it too
by: Jane A

Jozef is a sweetheart,just look at that expression on his little face ha ha
My cats hate me to go out and they try lots of tricks to stop me.It's a real compliment to us though I think that they want us to stay around.

Apr 25, 2010 A bit of humour
by: Ruth

Lovely to hear about all your furry ones Joyce.
I laughed about you being part cat because you give Laura a sad look when she goes out.
Carol you are right about us having a bit of humour in our posts as too much serious stuff really does get to you doesn't it.
I thought I'd write something different to anti declawing articles, just for a change, but I'm also having a block what to write next about that anyway.
Strictly indoor cat parents made me laugh too. Jozef would love that !
Yes a lot of good stuff and some lovely people on PoC,I do agree wholeheartedly.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 25, 2010 Getting even better
by: Carol

Ha ha Jozef's little face says it all.
My cats don't like me to go out either,I have 3 deprived faces looking out at me sometimes when I go out,they almost make me turn back.
I've always loved PoC ever since a friend started sending me the links but I think it's getting even better now a litle bit of humour is being injected into the lighter topics.
Life is such a serious business for us all and yes we neeed to take certain things seriously but we need some light relief also and some very entertaining people on here are now providing that.
Sue's strictly indoor cat parents had me laughing my head off.
Good stuff on PoC Michael!

Apr 25, 2010 Jozef
by: Sue

Awwww Ruth,look at his sad little face.
How can you ever go out and leave him home alone.
Yes our two are just the same,when mammie and daddy want to go out it's a real guilt trip on us and sad stories about leaving them shut in.
lol lol
If it was up to our cats we would never be allowed to go out.
Now there's a turn around lol if our cats were the boss,would we be strictly indoor cat parents?
lol lol

Apr 25, 2010 My dogs do that
by: Joyce Sammons

My dogs do that. Cody and Dreyfuss depending on their mood and Darla gets VERY upset. She's the needy one. Dreyfuss used to go everywhere with me and now I don't get out unless its to go to the store and he can't go.

Furby and Lola are in their own little world. They have 3-4 places each they like to sleep. Lola does follow Laura around when she leaves the room. And Furby usually follows me to the bedroom when I first go to bed. He stays long enough to look around and to be petted then he returns to one of his sleeping spots. The most unusual thing Lola does is fetch her string to play with.

I do give Laura a sad look when she goes out the door. Does that mean I'm part cat?

Apr 25, 2010 Patient cats
by: Ruth

Yes cats are very patient ! They must wonder where we go, but they accept it anyway.
I think about our boyz too when I'm out and really look forward to coming home to them.
Life would be very cold and sad without our gorgeous cats in our home.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 25, 2010 To Lenore
by: Ruth

R.I.P Mufasa
What a character he must have been Lenore, bless him.
Yes it's awful losing a much loved pet, no matter how many more you have, each one is special.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 24, 2010 I had a cat like that
by: Lenore

I had a cat like that, his name was Mufasa, RIP, but Mufasa used to get ready with us in the morning by running around the entire house at top speed. He too used to lie on the steps to stop us from going too much further. Mufasa hated being alone and would sit in the window and STAY THERE until we came home. Even if it was late at night - we could see Mufasa pop his head in the window when we pulled into the driveway, that's just how he was. I really miss him.

Apr 24, 2010 Guilt
by: Michael

No mine don't tell me not to go but I feel guilty if I am away for a long time and I think about them.

I am keen to see them again and greet them. They look up at me and say, "nice to see you again".

When I was working away from home all day my lady cat was very keen to see me. She would wait patiently just behind the front door. The patience of cats is legendary.

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