Please Help — I would love to adopt a Munchin kitten

by Miss N.Fox

I would love to adopt a munchkin kitten. I live in the city Perth, Western Australia. I do own 2 female kittens that are sisters and are just over 3 months old but would like to have another kitten.

The first time I saw photos and footage of this breed I fell in love with them.

I love dwarfed animals. If there is anyone that lives in my country/city that knows where I can adopt a Munchkin kitten preferably female please write back to me.

I have heard from my mates that they have seen articles in the newspaper of munchkin kittens a litters for sale for around a couple of hundred dollars but it was too late for me to call the owners as they where all sold as my mates told me.

I’m only interested in genuine people that have a litter of kittens for sale at the price of around $200 or less that’s it as this is the going price in Australia.

There are people that sell them for more but this breed has been around for some time now and l don’t think they should cost a fortune and also I would like to know if Munchkins are OK around other breeds of kittens thankyou


Hi Nicki… thanks for visiting. Muchkins are fine around other breeds. They are like other cats basically in that regard.

You may have a price problem as you may realise. The Itty Bitty Kitty Cattery price at $700 – $1200.

I would have thought that $200 is too low. The average price for purebred cats in various countries is in the order of twice that and more.

Munchkin litters are only half dwarf cats so there are many non-dwarf cats born too which makes the dwarf cats rarer.

I wish you luck in your search. You may have to rely on rescue of relinquishment. Have you tried Yahoo groups?

Google “yahoo groups” and go in search of a group that discusses Munchkin cats. You may get lucky and make a contact that leads you to where you need to be to get a Munchkin at the price you state.


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Please Help — I would love to adopt a Munchin kitten

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Nov 16, 2011
by: Itty Bitty Kitty Cattery

I am the Itty Bitty Kitty cattery and let me tell you, $200 is not even close to the going rate for Munchies in Aus! There are now only 2-3 breeders here, and I personally had to import my boy for $2500 in order to begin breeding, let alone the cost of setting up a cattery with a healthy environment. I also had the cost of testing all my breeding cats for genetic defects (yes – this includes my normal moggies). I also ensure my kittens are desexed, with their first two vaccinations (age appropriate), wormed every two weeks, treated for fleas etc. This alone costs more than $200. I would be concerned if a breeder was selling Munchies for that price – it probably means they have cut corners. Any Munchkin kitten less than $500-$600 I’d stay away from. Hope that helps!

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