Please help me find a small domestic cat!

Please help me find a small domestic cat!

by Tammy
(Summerville, SC)

Well my story is pretty simple. I am an animal LOVER!!! My partner, well, not so much. It’s really not her fault, she was never raised or exposed to animals, so she just doesn’t understand.

But, as a vet tech and as I said earlier an animal lover, this is very upsetting at times. I watch animal planet and torture myself looking at ads on craigslist but I am still without an animal companion.

I’ve brought strays home and fostered them for short periods but unfortunately she broke out in a rash when I brought home dogs, but not before getting attached… she does have the animal lovers gene.

Recently I brought home four small kittens that she was not happy about at first, but after a couple of days she did admit they were cute and she kind of liked them. (And no rash :))

She said that if we could find a kitten that would stay little she would love to keep one. So like a typical animal lover I immediately got online and started doing research. And well here I am. I would love to find one of these teacup cats or kittens to adopt. Some one PLEASE HELP!!!!

Thank you


Hi Tammy.. thanks for visiting and asking. I know you would like to adopt a teacup cat or a miniature cat.

Of course we musn’t forget that some cats are naturally small. In fact teacup and miniature cats are selectively bred small cats that’s all.

I guess you might be lucky in finding a small adult domestic cat at a shelter.

If that doesn’t do the trick you will have to retrain your partner to think a bit bigger! Sorry, just joking.

OR see if you can buy a teacup cat but they are rare and expensive and not without potential health issues (as I read the situation). Without wishing to be unkind to teacup cat breeders of which I only know of one (Pocket Kitties), it is unnatural to bred cats that are smaller and smaller through selectively breeding from small cats. That said careful responsible breeding should avoid health issues.

So what to do?

1. See if you can convince your partner to accept a smallish cat rather than a small one. Then rescue one from a shelter.

2. If that doesn’t work telephone Pocket Kitties and ask questions but don’t be surprised if things don’t work out.

3. You may get lucky and a visitor might see this post and have a small adult cat that needs a new home! Now that would be a result that would please me no end. If there is such a person – please leave a comment and contact details.

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Please help me find a small domestic cat! to Teacup cats

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Please help me find a small domestic cat!

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Jun 08, 2011
Dwarf kitten
by: John

Hi Tammy, June 8th,2011

I have a dwarf cat, 2 months old now. It is a solid gray w/ white paws. Since she was born a feral kitten, I’m sure she MAY have heath issues. Don’t really know yet as I haven’t got it to the Vet. Our little “Rat” was born around the first part of April. (Best guess) It’s hard to tell the sex, as there is no growth there yet. I live in North East Florida and I would not take a dime for it. I just want it to have a loving home.
It is part of quite a conglomeration of 12 other kitties, all born w/in a few weeks and all of the others seem normal at thhis point. You can reach me at

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