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PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I’ve been banned from the chat box for no reason at all! — 54 Comments

  1. hi i would like to get the email id of Reshmi Bai. i lost my account and phone so im trying to get back the contacts in all possible ways.

  2. Haha no, it ginny weasley from harry potter. Im an absolute fan! Obviously they banned my account so i cant get back in. I do need members on my site though… and have problems with life. And back to ginny, yah ikr? I wish i had red hair. Lol.

    • That shows you how much I know about Harry Potter although I have watched one or two. I hope you can fix the problem. I can’t help because the chat box is not part of this website. It is just embedded on it.

    • Hi Aly, it has been a long time since someone was banned! You look nice in the picture if that is you. All the other banned users of the chatbox got back in when they tried again or did something (the other comments might help). I don’t have control over this chatbox so can’t help unfortunately. Good luck.

    • Hi May, I don’t ban people. It is the chatbox that does that. I don’t control it. Try and use a different username or something like that and make sure you keep what you write simple and straightforward. Good luck.

    • Everyone who has been banned has been unbanned without me doing anything. So try a different name and ask yourself why you might have been banned. Are your chats too long? Or is the language OK? That sort of stuff. Good luck.

  3. sir i’ve been banned from go8pm chat box seems like i know why i think i typed a letter more than 3 times. It was a mistake can you please help me?.please.I sware i won’t repeat my mistake again.

  4. sir,
    I create an account in 8 pm.Came a msg from 8 pm that your account has activated.But i cannot open in chat box.Plz help me to open my account in 8pm

    • I would try again. These problems tend to fix themselves. I don’t get involved with this much. As far as I can tell all these problems are fixed by the people without me being involved.

  5. hi sir again it happened i am banned from go8pm chat box again . even i didnt chat today for long time . i dont know why it happens to me every time . please help me

  6. hi sir i was banned from go8pm.com chat box . i dont know y it happened without any reason .please remove my ban
    thank you

  7. i got banned in the morning and afterwards it was removed . but again aftr i come from work again i am banned for no reason . please remove my ban sir
    thank you

    • I don’t decide who is banned or not. It is run by the people who created the software for the chat box. You should ask what you are doing to get banned and contact them, please. I don’t manage the chat box other than to subscribe to it. Check with others how they got reinstated. Maybe you are overusing it or using language and symbols that are unacceptable. Good luck.

      …(Michael (Admin))

    • Every time someone has been banned from this chat box they have been unbanned without me doing anything. I would try again later and see what happens. Also read the other comments. Thanks.

  8. sir,
    I open an account in 8 pm yesterday. Near the register area I put the user name and password, and then register ok.But near the chat box I put the user name and password, then sowing invalid password. So plz help me and tell how to open the site.

    • As far as I know everyone who has been banned has got back in. I don’t know what you guys are doing to get yourself banned. Just use the box sensibly and you should be OK. Have a look at the other comments and you will get ideas for getting back in.

    • Hi, I don’t know why you are banned. If you wait and try again it might be OK. Ask other people why they think you are banned.

    • All the people who ask that question eventually get back in it seems to me. Please confirm that you are now able to use the chat box by leaving a comment. And tell me what happened please!

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