Please join The Official Animal Rights March September 2nd 2017 Los Angeles

On Saturday, September 2 at 12 PM to 3 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) in Los Angeles, there will be a march in support of animal rights. It will begin on the grassy knoll on the corner of Beverly and Gardner in front of the Pan Pacific Park Recreation Centre. Please arrive there in good time.

Based on my research this is the meeting place (wrong? Please tell me immediately):

Corner Gardner and Beverly Drive LA
Corner Gardner and Beverly Drive LA

I’ve been asked to spread the word. I am an avowed animal advocate. I am proud to be so. I have a duty to be an animal advocate because animals are too often exploited and abused. I see and have always seen animals as equals. That may surprise many people. And lot of people will vehemently disagree with me but it is the way I feel.

The Los Angeles March for Animal Rights has come about because the city was asked to join in a simultaneous march with the one taking place in London. The first official animal rights march in London took place last year in 2016. It was organised by Earthling Ed and his organisation Surge working in collaboration with other UK animal organisations.

If you have the time then please share this information. As at the date of this post, Facebook tells me that around 600 have committed to going with a further 1,400 interested. I’m sure the organisers would like to see a lot more so please bring your friends and family together with banners, placards, posters cameras, vegan wear and cell phones!

The organisers have asked that “nonhuman pals” are left at home as it will be a hot day and sunny apparently.

It is advised that people make their way to the starting point by public transport. There appears to be limited parking in the area although there are residential streets surrounding the meeting location where there is parking but there may be restrictions.

The organisers recommend that you do not try to park in the Pan Pacific Park parking lot as it appears that public parking isn’t allowed. Plese bring change for parking meters. You can pay to park in The Grove’s Parking Structure . This is a short walk from Beverley Gardner.

This is obviously a non-violent march. Violence would undermine its purpose. Participants should be respectful of local laws and residents.

Please see the FB page advertising the march.

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