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Please screw lids on food jars before disposing of them to protect stray cats and other animals

It is not uncommon for domestic, stray or feral cats to get their heads stuck in open food jars. It can happen very easily. It seems that the classic glass jar has a diameter which is just sufficient to allow the head of a young cat to get into it, to lick the food at the bottom, but the head becomes wedged because the cat does not have the ability to remove the jar. That requires fingers and thumbs and an understanding of what needs to be done. So, food jars should be disposed of with their lids attached.

Thanks to the officer who helped this poor baby. Please screw lids on food jars before deposing. Thank you.

Young ginger cat gets head stuck in a glass peanut butter jar. Photo: LIncoln AC.

The end result is something like what we see on Facebook today on the Lincoln Animal Control website. The post is dated December 2nd and it shows a very cute, ginger, subadult domestic cat with a beautiful coat in a cage. He looks shook up by the whole experience which is to be expected. His head is wet I guess from having it extracted from the jar.

A big Thank you to the person that helped this poor baby. Hope 🐱finds its owners or a home.

Cat caught in net with jar on his head. Photo: Lincoln AC.

His head become jammed in a peanut butter jar. He was spotted and Animal Control notified in the area of N 61st and Platte, Lincoln, USA. Officer Finelli was the person to rescue this cute cat and remove the jar.

Ginger cat after rescue with wet head due to the extracation of it from the jar. He looks shook up. Photo: Lincoln AC

I guess the butter in the peanut butter attracted him to the bottom of the jar. It must have been very distressing for the cat. It was lucky that he was spotted and rescued. It could lead to starvation on the worst case scenario.

The jar. Photo: Lincoln AC


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