Please share: 14 cats needing pledges rescue. Lady hoarded 90 cats in 1 home in NC

Rescue cats need donations

Please share: 14 cats needing pledges rescue as a result of a woman hoarding 90 cats in one home in North Carolina, USA. This is a call for help on Facebook for pledges to donate to help these rescue cats. Below is an extract from Fay DeAvignon’s post:

These cats’ lives are depending on us. We need donations toward these surgeries so the rescues will be able to take them. Every one we have taken out of this situation has become so loving and friendly. They just want a forever home and this was not their fault. We have to make this work for them. Please help us by giving whatever you can! Any amount helps, and by donating and sharing this story, I pray we can make this happen!!!

The full FB post is below with instructions on how to get in touch and help. Please spread the word.

***14 Cats Needing PLEDGES RESCUE***
by Fay DeAvignon, Natick,MA …..PLEASE…

Posted by Fay DeAvignon on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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63 cats surrendered by hoarder in South Carolina: now help is needed, especially for cats who tested positive for FeLV/FIV

Charleston clinic

Last weekend Orangeburg County, South Carolina officials responded to a tip about an unoccupied home on Honeysuckle drive. When Animal Control officers arrived they saw several cats looking out the windows and found the house structurally unstable with no one living … please continue reading

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Please share: 14 cats needing pledges rescue. Lady hoarded 90 cats in 1 home in NC — 4 Comments

  1. I just don’t know what it is about north and south Carolina, but I wish they’d knock it off! Too many animal hoarders and abusers there. Too many people who are too lonely or too stupid, or both.

      • Well, I’ve been feeling real stupid lately myself, so maybe if I moved there I’d feel very smart by comparison. They’d probably think I was a god or something. Now I understand how lame brain Seantor Graham got elected there… Forgive me, I understand the UK has it’s own political problems too. I think you guys have more on the ball overall though. I’ve seen some great documentaries at least.

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