Please share! Adopted and returned VERY sweet, female rescue cat needs pledges, rescue or adoption

This is bright-eyed Captain Squeakers. She was originally surrendered by her owner because it was said that she didn’t get along with the other cats. The owner reported that she is a sweet girl and gets along with kids (but it seems not small children – see below).

She was adopted as a rescue cat in July 2018. However, she was returned on 13th Nov. 2018.

Captain Squeakers a very sweet rescue cat needing adoption
Captain Squeakers a very sweet rescue cat needing adoption.
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“She didn’t like small children. I think by that they meant she didn’t like children of toddler age or children that didn’t know how to behave around cats. She didn’t get along with the other cat. She has been kind of normal for her here she’s not really outgoing but we’ll come to the front of the cage if you show interest in her.”

She now urgently needs pledges and rescue or adoption – please. Louise says: Black cats have a hard time ? She’s VERY sweet and a favorite.

Note from Michael (PoC Admin): the comment that she does not get along with small kids is unsurprising because toddlers can be intimidating to quiet cats. So her behavior is normal.

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5 thoughts on “Please share! Adopted and returned VERY sweet, female rescue cat needs pledges, rescue or adoption”

  1. She is beautiful!! I just can’t imagine taking your kids and dumping them. They are for life. In sickness and in health. As for her not liking kids. I don’t blame her. I don’t like them either. But actually having a fur baby is healthier for kids to grow up with. Plus they learn compassion and love. So many these days have no idea what that is. I hope this sweet love finds a forever home and fast!

    1. She’s a lovely gentle looking cat. You can see the gentleness in her cautious behavior. Black cats are hard to rehome unfortunately.

      1. Yes she is a gently soul. I have had the honor of having two in my life. Mother and daughter. They were fantastic kids. I miss them deeply….and you are right that sadly black cats have a harder time finding homes. It’s just not right! To me they are mini panthers.

        1. The idea behind this post is to help spread the word to see if she can find a new home. It got almost 50 shares so I’m pretty pleased with that.

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