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Please take my cats to the RSPCA. I can’t take care of them any more — 9 Comments

    • Yes, not good that. She could have taken them to a rescue but she seems to be what I’d call ‘a lost soul’, not able to cope but with good intentions.

    • Judgemental what! If she was in a flat complex, then she’d have known that lots of people go down to the bin area – which may even have been inside – you know that no more than I do! What about a bit of compassion and empathy – rather than jumping to conclusions and passing judgement. As they were still warm and cosy, they could even have been the bin collectors and she timed it accordingly. Clearly she loved and cared for her kitties and this truly was a last resort – perhaps a few pennies from you to the PDSA and people like her would be able to keep them would be a nice thing!

      • Thanks for sharing, Rachel. ME King is an excellent commenter and a very decent person but in this instance I tend to favour your assessment.

        • I stand by what I said. Michael posts every week on cats left outside that end up the victims of abuse. In this case the cats were packaged for easy carry off and who knows what. It is a roll of the dice who will find an animal that has been abandoned let alone one trapped in a carrier.
          Sadly had she been put in touch with a good rescue they might have helped her. One could also point out that this was a mother cat with kittens.

    • It is very sad. I see a human problem here. Perhaps I am being sexist but I have assumed that the person is a woman. I may be wrong. But if the person is female she is clearly struggling and I feel for her but she is not coping and that goes for the care of her cats too. Perhaps she rescued them, we don’t know. It’s silent suffering. We don’t see it often.

    • Yes, I see a person who represents many others who find it hard to cope. We must remember them. They are often hidden and silent.

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