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  1. He isn’t doom mongering, he speaks an important truth. The weakness in this powerful speech is that he steers the message of compassion, via economics to perpetuating the supremity of human beings. The editing and words still give greater importance to the starving human child than to the suffering and myriad, agonised, daily deaths of other species.

    He doesn’t seem to recognise that there are just too many human beings. The kind of agriculture needed to feed 7 billion plus of the buggers, a plant based diet, would still wipe out epic numbers of habitats and of course, many, many species.

    It is easy to effect a total lifestyle change when you have millions in the bank and you can ‘choose’ to give up your private jet.

    Good on him for highlighting the vast level of animal abuse that is involved in food production. Fantastic. I mean that.

    Many have screamed out the message before, eruditely, or just plain loudly, but humans general don’t like to face change, especially if it involves looking at their own behaviour. Ergo, the message is soon forgotten, usually deliberately, often out of embarrassment or shame.

    I wonder how ethical a vegan he is? I suspect he has medical insurance that provides any medical procedures or medicines that he needs, all created from the lives and deaths of other species. They don’t get a mention. But hey, his shoes are made of pleather, so he can trip the light fantastic all the way to a heaven made of hypocritical delusion!

    The united states of all beings who deserve just as much as we? Sadly it is still a far off dream.

    Roll on that ice age.

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