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Pledging, Fundraising and Deceit in Animal Rescue — 8 Comments

  1. The pledge money should be sent directly to the vet placed in a account for the animal it is pledged for, NOT to any middleman , not to any “rescue” , this “rescue” only business is where the trouble starts, any moron can get a 501 c 3 and start scamming . Directly to the vet of the adopter, without the “rescue” middleman will nip this scamming craze in the bud quickly.

  2. I see a cat troll has tried to leave a comment that you blocked from posting. What’s it going to take to convince him I don’t do fundraisers and haven’t done one in more than 2 years? And I’m NOT Irish. I don’t know why he thinks I am. I did put a plea out for cat food for my colony cats and had $60 come in which I bought food with and posted the receipt. If I need help with a sick cat I’d post a vet phone number where people can call in to be sure I am paying the vet and not making anything up. I have nothing to do with the Tiger pages except writing on Kristen. I’m not a rescue and haven’t been since 2012 so I don’t think it’s any of his business about my personal cats. Anything you can suggest to help?

  3. The bad rescues make it difficult for the good ones. I pledge a lot on cats and give the benefit of a doubt to hopefully save a cats life. The rescues should be willing to post photos and updates. I pledged on a mom and some puppies and asked for a photo when I paid the pledge and never got so much as a thank you. That left a bad taste in my mouth for that rescue.

  4. My personal take on pledging is that it may be helpful for an animal that will incur more that the normal vet expenses, but should not be a condition of the rescue to pull any pet.

    Ideally, people who want to see a pet rescued, would financially support the rescues who pull and who send followups on those pulls…even if it is just photos on Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet or their page, as well as Adoption photos.

    Donating to rescues without the urgency caused by “last chance” pets, gives the ethical rescues a financial base that allows them to step in and pull, regardless of if the animal has pledges on their thread.

    Then, If more funds are needed, those rescues can ask for donations directly via a fundraiser, donations to the vet, or even contributions sent via PayPal for that specific pet.

    This ensures accountability and that the people who have care of the pet are the ones actually receiving any donations.

    The current system is set-up in such a way, that it is very easy for money to go to places other than intended, as 3rd parties often get involved collecting the pledge money for unspecified rescue groups.

    Eliminating the middle men that control pledges, and having people directly donate to rescues on a regular basis plus extra for special needs pets, would at least ensure that the money is being used as intended…to care for the animals actually pulled from the shelters by that rescue group.- KC Day

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