Plump and beautiful F1 Savannah kitten

This is a stupendous F1 Savannah kitten with a gorgeous spotted coat. All Savannah cats have spotted coats, inherited from the serval but this is a high contrast example in gray which looks amazing. The kitten’s expression is sweet and his body is plump and patently in excellent health. The video also indicates that he/she has a placid charater. All-in-all a great looking cat. You can see why F1 Savannah cats are popular as an exotic cat breed to adopt. Be throughtful though as when they are adults they demand more of their owners. And you can’t let them be indoor/outdoor cats. They don’t last a minute outdoors before someone cries “there’s a wild cat on the loose” and grab their rifle and shoot it! Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit but there have been F1 Savannah cat escapes from homes and when that happens the neighbourhood goes into paroxysms of anxiety.

Enjoy the video though. I don’t have any affiliation with the breeder. I just like the cat’s appearance. In fact I don’t like cat breeding particularly but we live in that kind of society: capitalistic. We have to let captilism have free-rein.

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