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Plush toy Siamese cat used at the King of Thailand’s housewarming ritual — 2 Comments

  1. I frequented a local discount store whose owners were Vietnamese. They sold little toy, decorative animals that looked amazingly real. They also sold Betta fish in tiny clear plastic ups, where they often lived out the cruel existence until they died or someone like me rescued them and put them in a nice tank. Their water is often treated with a drug to keep them from stressing out too much. Thai and Vietnam are notorious for animal weirdness, eating cats, dogs, worms, snakes, mice, silkworm pupae, blood pudding… rationalizing that a lot of it is medicine. Fur from the cats they eat is used to make the decorative replicas. They’re driving animals like Pangolins to the brink of extinction… How how all the creepiness jives with the idea that cats for example are good luck or something is weird, but ancient rituals aren’t necessarily born from logic. So they like to look at them but that’s about the extent of anything positive they do with them.

    • Yes, well said, Albert.. Their relationship with animals in Vietnam is, as far as I am concerned, horrendous. It is a throwback to the 14th century or worse.

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