Plymouth, Pennsylvania cat cruelty case: ‘This bastard used hooks. He fed them hooks.’

An act of animal cruelty has taken place in the Plymouth, Pennsylvania area that is so heinous it’s almost hard to imagine. Several cats who were abandoned when the owner was evicted are allegedly being lured by an evil man who lives nearby. He’s attaching food to a fishing hook and a cord.

cat with hook
cat underwent surgery to remove hook and cord (Happy Hearts & Tails)
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Happy Hearts and Tails Safe Haven Animal Rescue sent out a plea for assistance Monday morning via Facebook

“I’m here in Plymouth. Urgent. Tenants were evicted and left about 15 cats behind in apartment. Landlord opened the door and let them all out. I was contacted to help. They’re all friendly cats. We need help Asap. They are being tortured by a tenant upstairs. He is feed feeding them string. 3 cats are here with a string hanging out of their mouths and rectums. He tied it to food and they ate the string. I’m here trying to get them first. This bastard used hooks. He fed them hooks.”

Anyone who can help (including an offer to foster) is asked to call 570-262-9987.

foreign object fish hook
cat recovering after being fed a fish hook

Dawn Mandygral who runs the Facebook group said in an interview with WNEP16 News

“He’s putting a hook and putting food on it and jingling it for the cat. There was a string with a hook and then he put food on it, dangling for the cat, and the cat ate it. He deliberately, he was fishing for cats, that’s what he said.”

The injured cats are currently in the care of Pittston Animal Hospital where Dr. Kathio is being credited for performing surgery to save the one cat that was caught. Two others have traps set in an effort to save them. Anyone wishing to help with expenses can do so through PayPal at bo*****@ya***.com. The total bill will likely total more than $1,000.

Update at 9 p.m. stated

“Total of 9 cats were rescued from there today. Tomorrow 7 will be spayed and neutered and placed into foster. Two of them have leg injuries. We’ve I’ll know more tomorrow. Happy Hearts and Whiskers World worked together to help all these cats get vetted. We will be working together to get these vet bills paid for all of these kitties. So if anyone can help we really need your help.

A BIG Thank you to everyone who came to help today to help trap. It was very appreciated. Thank You for bringing traps, drinks, sheets, gloves and masks. Thank you for any help you offered today it was very appreciated. Ty to the two ladies from Baby Jacks. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry. I’m exhausted I’ve been there since 9 am. And heading back.

We did not see the other two with the hooks and string. I’m praying they come out tonight.

Luzerne County SPCA has a person of interest and the act of cruelty is being investigated. The name of the person isn’t being released to the public but there is information being shared on the group page.

One comment alleges the person who did this has also abused women. That would fit the profile of an animal abuser since most abusers either start out abusing animals or do harm both within the same time frame.

I’ve used the least graphic photo available of the cat. Many more can be found on their Facebook page, along with updates and a video.

Please feel free to voice your outrage (along with additional info) in the comment section.

Happy Hearts & Tails is a NO KILL 501c3 non-profit Rescue in Luzerne County, PA. Rescuing homeless kitty’s & does TNR. Click here for their website.

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1 thought on “Plymouth, Pennsylvania cat cruelty case: ‘This bastard used hooks. He fed them hooks.’”

  1. Human behavior shocks me sometimes. There is a ton of good in the world but far too much bad behavior and it often concerns our relationship with animals. Thanks for posting this Elisa although it is depressing.

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