PoC cat charity donation for February 2014

Sorry for the late notification. There were 2,692 comments in Feb (the count actually goes to 4th March because of this late post). The starting and closing number of comments were respectively: 29,295 now and 26,603 at close of February 2014.

At 5 cents per comment that makes $135 USD which is ยฃ81. Please tell me your favoured cat charity to receive this donation.

This month my preference is for a small British cat charity. I believe that this is fair as we had an American charity last month who was our lovely Dee and the month before that it was The Cat House on the Kings, another American charity.

My thanks to all PoC regulars for commenting and supporting PoC. Also my thanks to one-off or irregular visitors for commenting and sharing.


38 thoughts on “PoC cat charity donation for February 2014”

  1. That’s wonderful Michael ๐Ÿ™‚ and you can be sure it will be spent wisely.
    Pat says on the Ark facebook page:
    ‘Just got notification that Michael Broad PoC has made us a donation. thankyou Michael for considering us again. We appreciate it very much. Pat’

    Unlike ยท ยท Share.

  2. Here is the confirmation of the February donation to Arc on the Edge. Sorry for the delay which initially was caused because their website was not functioning properly. I did in fact struggle a bit this time as well but the donation has been made:

  3. Just a quick note to firstly say that I’m sorry for being so slow in getting around to making this donation to Ark On the Edge and secondly to say right now at about 9:40 PM GMT I am unable to get onto their website to make a donation. Please bear with me and I will try again tomorrow morning 1st thing. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten this donation.


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