PoC Cat Charity Donation for July 2014

Every month PoC gives money to a cat charity. The amount depends on the number of comments.

I will carry over the June donation to July and add the two together. I will make the cat charity donation at the end of this month (August). The June comment figures were:

  • Start: 36732
  • End: 39189

Making a total of 2457 comments for June.

For July the figure are:

  • Start: 39189
  • End: 40928

Making a total of 1,739 comments for July.

Combined this makes: 4196 at 5 cents per comment. This makes 210 USD or £125.

There were some suggestions for donations on the June page. If anyone has a another suggestion for a donation please leave a comment.

Thanks again for all your support.

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