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PoC Cat Charity Donation for June 2014 — 11 Comments

  1. I Think be good to give some towards the Westberry Cause. Otherwise the place that does shadowCats. Just whatever is fine. A big month for Donating.

  2. Hi Michael

    Do you think you could consider Walsall Borough Cats Protection league?

    Mr Jinks has had more surgery at a cost of £800 to correct his twisted leg and I know this would help so much. I’m doing what I can £272 from my sponsored slim I’m tin shaking on Saturday and doing a bring and buy sale in August so any help would be so much appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. I really liked Cindy’s suggestion from last month.

    Per Cindy:

    “I would like to suggest Shadow Cats Rescue which is a sanctuary in Round Rock, Texas. They take FeLV and FIV positives and provide them a home and care for life if they are not adopted. They also have an “outback” area for ferals.
    Their vet clinic is Central Texas Cat Hospital which does NOT DECLAW!!”

    This rescue seems to do everything I could hope for.

  4. The Cat house on the kings in California needs funds. They do an amazing job for their kitties rescue and have cats for adoption to vetted homes.

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