PoC Cat Charity Donation for March 2014

At the beginning of the month there were 29,295 comments and at the end of the month there were 31,767 comments, making 2,472 comments for the month at $.05 per comment, which in turn makes $123.60 to donate for March.

Maltese kitten rescued by Martha Kane in Malta
Maltese kitten rescued by Martha Kane in Malta and staying at her home. This was several years ago.
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As usual, I am open to suggestions as to where this month’s donation goes. Also as usual, I have a preference and this month is the Kitty Appeal. This is a cat rescue charity based in Sliema, Malta, run by Martha Kane and her husband.

They do great work. There is a need for cat rescue in Malta. I had visited Martha and her husband, Richard, at their home and I’m very impressed with their work. This is a short video I made which gives the feel of the kind of work they do.

Malta is a warm country. Often in warm countries you get more stray and feral cats. There is therefore a need for a cat rescue charity such as Kitty Appeal. There are several pages on this website about this worthy cat charity which you can find through the search facility, if you wish.

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15 thoughts on “PoC Cat Charity Donation for March 2014”

  1. wow just video thats amazing such a good cause to support i loved that cat that was on her knee she or he looked very affectionate can see they were all very well loved.

  2. Excellent Michael. when did you go there?

    They seem very good.

    For next month or whenever I have a suggestion. There’s a shelter in Cyprus. I forget the name – I’ll look it up.

    1. Marc, I visited about 4 years ago. She lives in a very nice 3 or four-storey house. A typical Maltese house really with lots of space and lots of cats! I stayed for about 5 or 6 days. I stayed in a hotel close to where she lives. I also went with Richard doing his rounds caring for feral cat colonies. He was very good indeed because he did this work after hours and he had a responsible job so that was real dedication. You see him in the video.

      I am considering moving to Malta funnily enough. I had half considered it before and I’m not sure about it but I lived there though when I was about 12 years old but 2 years so I sort of know the place and they all speak English and the climate is good. I’m becoming a little bit fed up with the British climate and I’m wondering whether I should live in a warmer climate 😉

      1. English speaking, warm weather…
        Come on over to Florida or California, Michael!
        Help whip these declawers into shape!

        1. Dee, a lot of English people agree with you about living in Florida. It is an appealing place to live to many British people. Although, Jo, lives in Florida and she says sometimes it is too hot and too humid. I like the heat. The winters here are long and tiresome. It has certainly crossed my mind to live in Florida and property prices are incredibly cheap to a person who lives in London, UK.

          1. Summers can be very hot and humid, mostly in July and August. But, most everyone has airconditioned homes and vehicles.
            Today will be a perfect day: High 85, Low 57 Sunny, no rain.

  3. Absolutely, hands down this is a perfect.
    I went to their website and am very impressed, especially how they manage feral colonies. I could hardly believe that they use cardboard boxes, some tarped both for rain and shade just like I do so often in colonies.
    Their daily expenses have to be out of this world with so many cats.
    I couldn’t be happier with this choice.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I think the kitty appeal is a wonderful choice Michael, I’m 100% for it as I have admired Martha and her husband ever since I first read here on PoC about their good work 🙂

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