PoC Cat Charity Donation for May 2014

Just a quick note to say that there were 2429 comments in May (plus 4 days of June) which converts to $121 (USD) at 5 cents per comment.

The figures are:

  • 34303 comments at beginning of May
  • 36732 comments at 4th June (sorry I was late in counting the comments).

If anyone would like to propose a worthy cat charity to receive $121 or £72 it would be great.

Thanks once again for your wonderful support in keeping the site going.

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31 thoughts on “PoC Cat Charity Donation for May 2014”

  1. Michael could I suggest Walsall Borough Cats Protection League? To date they have been amazing they have paid for all Mr Jinks surgery Xrays etc and now they are going to pay for him to see a specialist which will cost £800 because his fracture still hasn’t healed and they want him to have the best possible chance before they amputate. I haven’t the resources to pay them back although I did manage to raise £252 from my sponsored slim with an extra £30 to come and I’m still trying other fund raising ideas table top sale etc.

    They have to fight for every penny they get and without them Mr Jinks wouldn’t be here I’m desperate to give as much back as I can because vets bills this size will really deplete their funds.

    I’ve been so busy caring for Mr Jinks my evenings are pretty much mapped out with his care and appropriate exercise I do hope you will consider this amazing group. Without them he wouldn’t be here.

    Thank you for reading my plea.

  2. Whoever is fine, I don’t really know any of them, but I do like the sound of the one Cindy said. It is nice if maybe it could be split between them all.

  3. Omg i cannot believe that. I did not witness any of that while i was volunteering there. I witnessed them refusing to take animals because they were full but never calling a shelter to take them. When where you there to see or know this ? I am upset !

  4. I would like to suggest Shadow Cats Rescue which is a sanctuary in Round Rock, Texas. They take FeLV and FIV positives and provide them a home and care for life if they are not adopted. They also have an “outback” area for ferals.

    Their vet clinic is Central Texas Cat Hospital which does NOT DECLAW!!

      1. I agree with Cindy too – as anywhere that takes also FIV/FELV cats deserve what help they can get.

        The fact that the Central Texas Cat Hospital is a ‘cat hospital’ and that it does not declaw is excellent. Very good indeed. Well done to them.

      2. This one sounds like a good one to keep on the list, but Michael, read up the comments to see Ruth Aka’s link to a previous story.

            1. A segment of society who carelessly allow their cats to breed. Really something dramatic needs to be done about this stop people letting their cats breed willy-nilly.

  5. Thanks Michael. I have volunteered and given food and other supplies there and they are great with their animals. They survive on donations.

  6. Marion County Animal Shelter ( No Kill ) survives on donations so they certainly can use it. They are located in Ocala Florida.

    1. Ru, I’m familiar with the Marion County Animal Shelter. They are the county shelter and very much a kill shelter, at around 70%.
      You must be thinking of some other organization.

      1. Sorry Dee i was talking about the Ocala Humane Society Shelter .I called it shelter because it is a shelter but it is a NO KILL shelter. I know because i got my Sophie there years ago and have volunteered there .I would never volunteer at a kill shelter. It’s a great shelter.

        1. Wow, Ru!
          I freaked out a little there.

          And, yes, the Humane Society claims no kill. I won’t elaborate on that claim right now.
          I agree that they treat their animals well.

          But, HSUS is a huge organization. Even though they rely on donations, they aren’t hurting in the least. Their supporters are overwhelming. In fact, that organization is very rich. Any donation made from us would look like a fraction of a penny to them.

          I prefer that we help the little guys who struggle every day.

          1. I have seen their food supply get low since i went in the back to get a few items i needed so i know they are in need many many times throughout the year. Yes they do get large donations from some but the amount of animals they take care of takes the supplies pretty quickly so you cannot say they are not hurting in the least.Monet for such a shelter like that goes fast. You are saying they kill animals there ? I have not seen it there where i volunteered. I think if it happens it is for animals that have been hit by cars and in such bad shape and pain that they wont make it or sick and dying with nothing that can do to help them. NO healthy animals are killed there ! I have seen cats missing eyes, limbs, etc but they are up for adoption. Also cats that have been there since kittens are now old cats . They are not killed to make room. They live their life there unless they get adopted. I agree give to those who need the it the most.

            1. I didn’t want to upset you, Ru.
              The Marion County branch of the Humane Society sponsors many fundraisers to elicit donations and do well. When supplies are low, they always have the option of calling up their god, The Humane Society of the United States.
              I was a contributor until about 5 years ago when I learned some things I never knew.
              Yes, they are no kill. However, when they are over capacity and animals keep coming, they call the county shelter to retrieve some in order to relieve their burden. So, in that way they can still maintain their no kill status. They just let someone else do the killings.

    2. I agree with Ru, and funding any no kill shelter, especially in Florida where it’s cat genocide times ten, is a good thing as I’m sure they badly need it. Especially if they only survive through private donations.

      It’s hard to choose with so many places that need help. This is kitten season now so things are really bad at the moment I guess 🙁

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