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PoC Cat Charity Donation for May — 9 Comments

  1. Let me guess. That’s about 0.1% of all the money you made from advertisers from exploiting dead and suffering cats in the media. That’s the usual going-rate of donations to income from ensuring that there are dead and suffering cats everywhere from “rescues” and TNR programs. Did I guess right? I bet I did! You’re no better than the woman who locked up all the cats to suffer to death, just so you could make a buck off of cats, no matter how you do that.

  2. Thats good it going to a worthwhile cause to save kitties. Its good she responded as helps to know where the money is going.

  3. So glad you chose this charity and the donation will help Kezia to rescue more kittens, good luck to her she deserves it.

  4. Very good decision Michael, I agree with Dee, this is a well deserved cause and I think Kezia’s thank you email is one of the nicest you’ve had from a recipient of a donation 🙂

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