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PoC cat charity donation for November 2013 — 45 Comments

  1. UPDATE: I decided to stick to my original plan and donate to the Snow Leopard Trust this time. Next time back to domestic cats! Here is the receipt:

    Order Confirmation

    Michael Broad,

    Thank you for helping snow leopards!
    Your donations and purchases support groundbreaking research and community-based conservation programs that ensure a future for these cats in the wild.

    If you made a donation or adoption, the donation is tax-deductible. The Snow Leopard Trust is a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States, tax ID # 91-1144119. This email can serve as your tax receipt.

    If you ordered products they will ship within 3 business days.

    The following are the details of your order.

    Order Number: 17856
    Date Ordered: 12/22/2013
    Click here for a Detailed Invoice
    136 x One-Time Donation Amount $136.00
    Sub-Total: $136.00
    Free Shipping: $0.00
    Total: $136.00

  2. I am sorry, I have just noticed that I had the year wrong on this post. I have corrected it.

    Please shout at me when I screw up….

    It is tricky sometimes working on your own as one can go word blind…plus the senior moments kick in despite care and attention.

      • No sadly Babz and I are not physically able to do work like that now, no more building cat runs for us, age has caught up with me and joint pains with Babz. We’d be more of a hindrance up KH right now 🙁 🙁
        It nearly finished us off moving the 4 new 6×6 foot fence panels for our own back fence which blew down,hoping our neighbour will fix the new ones for us before any more windy days.

  3. Update: I am waiting a bit before deciding where the money should go. I’d like to know what is happening with Vincent and Torti. This is a developing situation.

  4. its with a heavy heart that i put this on poc. we are feeling as if we should throw in the towel at the moment. we wont of course but its how we feel right now. overnight we have had a terrible storm, which is still blowing but has calmed down a lot now. all the work we have been doing in recent weeks has been undone. fences and pens are destroyed. the main thing of course is that all the animals are safe, we just have to rebuild their homes. we have spent a lot of money trying to prepare for the winter with new fences and pens and now its all gone. the feral unit has had part of its roof torn off along with all of the weatherproofing that was on it. the stable roof has been damaged, even gates have been smashed and bits of them blown all over the site. i have tears rolling down my face i feel so tired, we have worked so hard for nothing. the money we used was everything we had and now we are trying to think how we can possibly replace it all. we cant even work at putting it back together for the time being as it is still too windy to even try. some of the wood, etc might be able to be re used but a lot of it is broken and fit for nothing but firewood. i’m sorry for complaining so much but i just feel at the end of my tether right now. this place has taken a lot of years of damn hard work and almost constant fighting with officials over planning permissions etc, the last few years have been financially as difficult as they could be really but we have kept saying ‘its gonna get better’, we have said this so many times to people we have even started to believe it ourselves and just lately as i said we have worked hard and it seemed as if our little animal sanctuary was starting to get better, we were getting stuff done and the place was starting to look better, still a long way to go but we really were getting there and now we are back further than ever. i just feel like walking away. of course i wont, none of us will, but today is a bad day. we’ll come back fighting tomorrow but today we dont have any fight left. sorry for rambling on, but it makes me feel a bit better saying how i fell instead of forcing a smile saying its all ok. as i said the important thing is the animals are all ok. silver lining time

    • Leanne I’m so sorry for you, you all work so hard up there and for this to happen is dreadful. That wind was so strong this morning it blew me into the road and those hailstones were like marbles. tree branches have been flying, wheelie bins blowing everywhere, our garden fence blown down, our heavy steel garden seat even blew right over, so on a smaller scale I know just how you feel. A kind neighbour has shored it up for us but we’ll have to buy new panels. But it’s far worse for you out in the open country!
      I’m so glad all the animals are alright, take care of yourselves too!

      • hi ruth, i havnt had chance to thank you and babz for the lovely christmas present you both brought up the other day, i missed you because i was feeding horses etc. you know how much we appreciate your help and support. i noticed the xmas box was nibbled on one corner, was that before or after it arrived here? lol

        • Hi Leanne, no the box wasn’t nibbled when we left it! There was a goose very interested in what we were leaving, maybe had a peck at it lol or maybe Mickey mouse was around and saw us. We had to be back home by 3, knew you’d find the stuff there OK.

    • OMG Leanne what a tragedy I’m so sorry for you all your work in ruins it looks like a bomb site.
      I’m in tears on your behalf here.

      • thanks rose, we are still here and we are determined this wont break us, we just have to keep working at it. when it is all back together we will put photos on and let you see. it might take a while but we’ll do it. i cried buckets yesterday so i think i’m all cried out now. we have had to move the animals around of course so we have a pig where the donkey should be (frostie is in the stable for the time being) we have ducks sharing with chickens and rabbits sharing with ducks!! but its only temporary, i’m sure they can all get along for now. we’ll be ok. lola the pig is happy anyway, frosties paddock is twice the size of hers.

    • So sorry, Leanne. Sounds like a mini-hurricane. Do these things happen often?
      Rebuilding… the time, expense, blood, sweat, tears…
      Again, so sorry. I wish I could be there to help. I’m a pretty fair builder and know a little about hurricane proofing structures.
      So relieved all are safe, but my heart aches for you.

      • hi dee, sorry i havnt been on today but as you can imagine we’ve been a bit busy. we dont normally get winds that strong, although being on top of a hill, it does get very windy up here but that caught us out completely. thankfully all the animals were unharmed, scared but ok. we have worked hard over the years to try and build our sanctuary up and improve it as much as possible. it has never been easy but i dont think either of us has ever been so close to giving up as we were yesterday. that might sound a bit dramatic but it hit us hard. we have spent the last couple of months putting as much money, effort and time into making the pens more secure as we possibly could and to see all those hours of work destroyed in a couple of hours was heartbreaking. however, today was a new day and we are back fighting fit!! lol, bloody weather is’nt going to put us off. today three complete strangers turned up in the car park, they had seen the photos on facebook and wanted to help. we now have one pen approx 90% back to how it should be, these three people andy, kat and claire, have worked hard all afternoon and andy and kat are coming back again tomorrow. we have been very fortunate that people around here, and further afield, have been so kind, we can only say thank you to everyone. we still have a long way to go but i think we feel stronger today simply because people have been kind when we needed them to be. michael, again i’m so sorry for jumping onto your charity page, my head was away with the fairies yesterday and i just didnt think

    • behind the two sheds with red doors is the feral unit, the canvas hanging over the front of the sheds is off the feral unit roof. the front of the roof has been torn away, you cant see it in these pics but theres bits of it all over the floor

    • i’m sorry i just realised i have highjacked the charity donation page, i just clicked onto the page without looking properly. michael i have no idea how to move it, so if you can please do. thank you

  5. I think giving monthly donations is so very kind and generous and I love you for that Micheal and I think any cat charities who get it will be glad of it.

  6. on behalf of all us here at kays hill animal sanctuary in the uk I would like to express my sincere gratitude that you are once again thinking of the work we do here with our cats , as I know Leanne often tells you all its never ending we rehome one and get two in I fully understand the world is in turmoil with the financial situation so I would like each and every one of you to know how much we value your donations however small its you that keep us going thank you once again {we have some special people supporting us } kevin

  7. I agree with Dee. Elisa and Laura do such good work with cats and I’m sure the November donation would be put to good use by them and really it is someone in Americas turn this time.
    I also think the snow leopards are a good idea, so I support whichever you choose Michael.

  8. Michael, my contribution has been through my articles and participation on the discussions on “P.O.C”. At present i am in Hanoi in Vietnam and just today i spotted a strange sight of a cat chained like a dog in a huge department store.In the same shop i also saw “SNAKE WINW” for the first time in my life. Dog meat is a delicacy in certain parts of Vietnam and i haven’t seen dogs being walked on the streets although did see a few stray dogs.For the first time i saw a cat chained like a dog.Will definitely have some articles on my tour of Vietnam & Cambodia once i return home to Mumbai .

    • Fantastic, Rudolph. Good to hear from you. Vietnam is an interesting country. They have a poor reputation regarding cats. They eat them is some places at least. Enjoy your trip and we look forward to hearing about it on your return with some photos hopefully.

  9. Michael that’s a great idea.

    For me – I am going to save up again and next time donate to either Kay’s Hill of Ark on the Edge or both or one first and then the other one.

    Snow Leopard trust sounds like what all these charities should be – extremely well thought out and effective – or that’s how they sound.

    • Thanks Marc. The Snow Leopard Trust have consistently written to (handwritten letters) and I love this wild cat species. I love them because they live in vast open, cold plains and in the mountains, alone, surviving so brilliantly. Even there, they are vulnerable to humankind.

  10. Well, I had another thought too.
    I think that our own Elisa could put some $$ to good use. Even though she was sliced and diced by the evil PETA, she does good work by advocating for cats in shelters. She has made so many sacrifices.
    I’m partial to the underdogs and unsung heroes.

  11. No, I don’t think anything was decided, Michael.

    I had voiced a preference for a re-contrib to Kays Hill because I wanted the little ones to get through this winter as painlessly as possible.

    The work that is done there is mind-blowing. They find homes for the cats other people would throw away. I know exactly what it takes to be preparing the field shelters that they are doing right now. Their out of pocket expenses probably leave them poverty strickened.
    If this sounds like a plea, it is because it is!
    I have never met Leanne or been to Kays Hill; but, I research and am neither deaf nor dumb. Kays Hill is the best of the best!

    But, ofcourse, I would never be opposed to helping any wild cat rescues.
    as long as they are donation only funded and do not receive government subsidies or the like. Leopards are cool, but bobcats are cooler! LOL!

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