PoC Comment Charity Scheme – September Donation

The total number of comments since May 25th 2012 on PoC is 19,252 at 10:30 GMT 30th Sept 2013. At the same time a month ago the comment total stood at 17,692.

That makes 1,560 comments for September at 5 cents per comment which makes $78 or £48.51.

I’ll round that up to £50 for this month’s cat charity donation.

I’ll add to this page tomorrow morning, first thing. In the meantime if anyone can make a good suggestion as to which cat charity should receive the money that would be nice.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented. Comments are a great way to contribute to the page and make some money for cat charities.

There is still a lot of work to do to improve the lives of domestic and community cats. I see a slight trend developing towards a change in attitude about declawing and phased in regulations regarding cat ownership, management and breeding. The objective is to ensure that all domestic cats are loved and cared for properly and that there are no abandoned cats who suffer short, miserable lives.

If no one has a preference as to a suitable recipient of this month’s donation of £50 then I’ll have a go at choosing one within the week.

Thanks again for your much appreciated support of PoC and cats.

Note: PoC donates $25 every month to Texas Maine Coon Rescue and has done for years.

19 thoughts on “PoC Comment Charity Scheme – September Donation”

  1. OK, here is the receipt for the $78 donation via PayPal to The Paw Project. I’d like to thank everyone again who has stuck around PoC and contributed. Professionally speaking, I really love you all. For me the most important thing is doing something tangible for cat welfare. Making money is not the first priority. The priority is making PoC useful rather than an indulgence or pastime.


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