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PoC Comment Charity Scheme – September Donation — 19 Comments

  1. OK, here is the receipt for the $78 donation via PayPal to The Paw Project. I’d like to thank everyone again who has stuck around PoC and contributed. Professionally speaking, I really love you all. For me the most important thing is doing something tangible for cat welfare. Making money is not the first priority. The priority is making PoC useful rather than an indulgence or pastime.

    • Thanks Ruth. Just made the donation and I am pleased (you can see the receipt if you scroll down the comments). I want to thank you particularly and personally for your superb contributions. One day we will see the end of declawing. I am desperate for that.

    • Ruth, this is an email I have just received from Jennifer Conrad. She is a great lady isn’t she.

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your constant support and for all you are doing for cats. Your ability to spread the word has been very helpful. I hope we can get a UK screening together and finally meet.
      Thank you again,
      Jennifer Conrad

      Sent from my iPhone,
      which has a mind of its own….

      • Yes that is really nice Michael, Jennifer is a lovely lady and she and the others in the Paw Project are very brave at taking a stand against so many declawing vets over there.
        I am proud to help her with this and thank you once again for allowing me to write so much on PoC about declawing and share my posters.
        I long for the wonderful day comes when declawing is illegal worldwide.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing the $$ go to the Colorado cats, but it looks like there are some large organizations involved, including the Humane Society. I don’t know who would really need it there.

      • Yes, Dee, I think we discussed this a while ago at the time of the floods. I’d be happy to donate to a rescue organisation based near Boulder or that area generally. I have checked out a couple and they take debit cards but I don’t think you can make debit card payments internationally. I am not sure. If people agree this idea, I’ll get on and do it tomorrow or the day after.

      • Yes, the paw project is always a good bet. The dust has settled so to speak in Colorado. That doesn’t mean the small rescue organizations haven’t depleted their cash, but I don’t know how to choose. It is all important work with the cat at the heart of it.

        • I have chosen The Paw Project because it is such an important organisation, they are in the news currently and they accept PayPal. Making international payments can be tricky and time consuming so PayPal is important.

          I hope people are OK with that decision. I’ll make the payment today and record it.

    • I think this month the donation goes to The Paw Project or a Colorado animal rescue organisation involved in the flooding. Hopefully one concerned exclusively concerned with cats.

  2. That’s another great amount to help someone somewhere in their work for the welfare of cats, so proud to be part of this POC family.

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