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A fun article today, inspired by Michael who wrote on another article:

‘Imagine a PoC party with no booze and just tea – Valerian and Catnip in teabags with hard biscuits. There would be plenty of fun’

poc party
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Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra


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DW ‘Maybe a little booze?’
Babz ‘No booze? L’

Oh I think maybe a little booze is called for, a celebration of meeting our ‘PoC family’ at last. Hopefully, one day Michael will be hosting this party for PoC cat lovers and our cats. Everyone will be welcome except Woody and his ilk, we don’t want cat haters spoiling our fun.

All cats will be welcome of course because we know for sure that all guests will be careful and respectful and make it a happy occasion for our cats too. Even Marc’s bike will be welcome, I’m sure he won’t mind cats sitting on it.

We hope that Jeff (Monty’s mom’s husband) will build a walkway for the cats, where the cats who don’t like to mingle can sit and indulge in catnip, or valerian tea bags.

So, there will be alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, along with singing and dancing and praising cats. Yes and hard biscuits too Michael, as long as we have some of Babz home made cheese scones and chocolate cake which are to die for!

Has anyone else got a speciality they can bring along to share? It will be almost like a Faith Supper at Church where everyone takes along some food, except that they have no booze, well apart from the Communion wine of course.

Anyone singing must ensure that their song has ‘cat’ in the lyrics.

  • ‘What’s new Pussycat’
  • ‘I Thought I Saw a Pussycat’
  • Maybe someone can think of more?

We can play: ‘Pussy in the Corner’

And we can recite poems about cats:

  • ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’
  • ‘Pussy cat Pussy cat Where Have You Been?’

No sorry Dee you can’t recite Woody pee pee …or maybe you can if it’s unanimous that we all want you to when we’ve had a few drinks lol .

Look out London, here we come ………………….

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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85 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    What more can I add to all this?? I just love the world according to PoC!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Well this virtual party is definitely happening, the plans have come on a mile in the last couple of days, my mouth is watering at the American specialities (not tenderloin though) and I can nearly taste the key lime pie by imagining it, I wonder if it’s something like lemon meringue pie. Later I’m going to Google it and see if I can find a recipe, I like a dabble in baking now and again, mostly as Ruth has said it’s for our coffee mornings. My thoughts for our next one, at my workplace, is for local animal rescues so that more than one place would benefit from it, I’m 60 in April so thought about making it a sort of “at work” (as opposed to an at-home)small celebration for the people who support us regularly. I haven’t run it past the manager and regional manager yet though.

    • Caroline says:

      Finally, I actually saw your sideways-glancing ginger tabby avatar! What a cutie (he?) 🙂
      It’s a lot like lemon meringue, except that it has a flavor profile that’s amazing. (So does lemon meringue, depending on lemons, but this one is really exceptional!) We’re not completely out-of-season yet, I hope-for the fresh ones, but even still, I bet you’d really develop a fondness for it. It’s pretty darn delicious. 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    It would be so much fun to have Dee’s poem set to music (hint, hint…when you have time, Ruth). I would like to bring the cat-ear headbands, if that’s okay? And maybe a few dozen dark chocolate Mascarpone-filled catcakes with my rose-scented frozen yogurt on the side. Maybe a case of Mondavi Reserve Cab, since we’re celebrating? And that calls for grilling some beef tenderloins for us and the kitties present! Oh, this will be so delightful!

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      All sounds good Caroline except the beef tenderloins, yes for the cats, but no for us veggie guests who don’t eat bits of animal 😉
      I wonder how many of us actually are veggie?

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        I refer to myself as vegetarian, although I occasionally eat seafood.
        I consume some animal products (milk, eggs). so I’m not vegan.

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          Dee you are a pescetarian

          • Dee (Florida) says:

            Thanks. I didn’t know that. When I goog;ed, I found a comment from someone that said that a pescetarian who claims to be a vegetarian is like someone claiming to be a celibate because they only sleep with brunettes. LOL!

      • Caroline says:

        Oh dear, Ruth. I was in my carniverous cat mind, sorry! 😉 Ok, just let me ask, does the smell of beef sizzling bother you, because I can lv it out entirely or serve it at room temp (cooked beforehand)? My stuffed Portabello shrooms and eggplant rollups are just as good. 🙂 [I am salivating at the idea of the smorgasbord described by all!]

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          Hi Caroline, the smell of meat cooking, especially bacon, isn’t nice to veggies but we have to live with it because we know that we are still in the minority. If we go out for a meal people all around us are eating meat or poultry or fish, it’s everyone’s right to choose because people have rights, ‘food’ animals don’t.
          But at the supermarket veggie section it’s just like at the cat food section, we get talking to others and discussing what’s new and what’s tasty, it’s a sort of club I suppose lol which I was happy to join and Babz and I only cook veggie at home and for our fund raising events. In other words each to his/her own and we live and let live 😉

          • Caroline says:

            You just turned me on to a point that I had never before considered. That of the animal being eaten. I was a veggie for many yrs when younger; then I married a carnivore. (why did I ever marry him?) That said, I do not know what it feels like to have a fellow animal crave eating my flesh.

            I have never looked at it from that “peculiar” perspective. Makes sense if I want to put myself there. Thanks! <3 I am going to have to reconsider my habits yet again. Really, the only time that I crave the animal flesh is when I am very hungry. I was starving at one pt in my life, so that may have influenced my desires to ignore my former sense of ethics and morals, if that makes any sense. I am going to have to spend some time revisiting this when well-rested. (just got back from a vacation from sleep!)

            Anyway, this virtual party is just so much fun! 🙂

    • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

      Jeff and I would eat beef tenderloins. I’m trying to cut back on eating meat, having it only for special occasions. It would have to be Haen’s meat though. We get our meat there because the meat is high quality– and the only way you get that is when the animals live a good life, out in the pasture, not crammed in a pen all the time.
      I finished my flute descant for with the choir, so perhaps I can set Dee’s poem to music on my next day off. Monty will help. He dropped his stuffed penguin on my head while I was typing lesson plans yesterday. He definitely likes his new walkways!

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        You will have to make a video singing it Ruth, we can all join in at our various computers lol

      • Caroline says:

        Haen’s. I will see what my grocers here in Nebraska have to offer. Certainly, cage-free, range-fed, and so on, I understand this and respect it. Myself, rarely do I find myself salivating over poultry, pork or beef, but when we talk “PARTY!” aka, entertaining, I am almost beside myself! 🙂 This is fun!

        • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

          You won’t find Haen’s in Nebraska. It’s not a chain. The only one is in Darboy, WI. We like how the place is spotlessly clean. Not only do they sell meat, they sell pizzas made with fresh cheese from the cheese place right up the street. You can’t beat Wisconsin cheese, especially when it’s that fresh. Too bad it’s kind of far to drive– Haen’s is a couple hours away.

          When we were engaged Jeff was working at a feed mill in Darboy. The local radio DJ would do the weather forecast by looking out the window at the cows in a nearby farmer’s field. If all the cows were standing up: 100% sunny day. If they were all laying down: 100% chance of rain. Chance of rain was calculated as a ratio of cows laying down compared to cows standing up. The cows were right 70% of the time– the same amount of time the regular weather people were right, but not always on the same days.

          • Caroline says:

            LOL. Were they Jerseys? The weatherfolks in Nebraska seem to get it right 50% of the time. It might be higher if they came from farm stock. 😉
            I thought you meant that Haen’s was an organic, ethical beef seller. We have a few brands offered at our local natural foods grocers, but with prices being what they are, it’s a special treat reserved for gatherings like this. I rarely eat meat, but the cats need it. Here is a recipe for kitty treats. I make them smaller than she does:
            142g (5 oz can, incl water wt.)tuna
            110g (1c) oat flour (mill the oats in your food processor or clean coffee mill)
            1 T olive oil
            1 egg, beaten
            A heaping T of catnip
            Instruction here, along w/step-by-step photos:


            • Caroline says:

              It’s wonderful that you have an actual shop that sells just range-fed, ethical meats (and pizza). The trip there must be a celebration in itself! Here is one more photo (there are many). By Joy, from her website, joythebaker.com

      • Caroline says:

        “He dropped his stuffed penguin on my head…” lol! you’d better give him a page of sheet music to look over, wadded up. 😉

    • DW says:

      Wow! Listen to Caroline. Sounding better all the time. Especially the mascarpone filled cupcakes! And the Mondavi Reserve. Are you in California?

      It is a must that Ruth and Babz taste pecan and pumpkin pie. Key Lime is delicious too, but more of a regional specialty. Pecan and pumpkin are down right American.

      I am enjoying this fantasy. I’ll just fill in the menu with what is missing. I’m a chef! Retired. Well, if you cook, you are never retired. Lol.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        Whatever are Mascarpone-filled catcakes? Yes Caroline and you could set out a wonderful spread for us all with your delicious sounding goodies 🙂

        • Caroline says:

          Well, we had to come up with something. What can beat real scones and those scrumptious cakes that you and Babz have on the table? 😉 And Charlie and guests–Michael, you are hosting this fete, aren’t you? Am I under the wrong impression, or are we not raising monies for a beloved cat rescue/org?
          Dee’s charitable offer of a Key Lime pie for 20 (and her sense of humor) has me wishing that this whole idea might possibly manifest in reality! Imagine… 😉

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            What is a key lime pie? We sometimes have a lemon drizzle cake too but honestly if we only had cheese scones and choccie cake our guests would be happy. Lashings of tea or coffee, once they pay £1 we do free top ups and it means people who couldn’t afford to spend much can enjoy it all and the people who can afford it are very generous and make up for the poor souls. We’ve a couple of down and outs come in and have a nice feed and a bit of company, we know our regulars and who needs a bit of help. This has made me look forward to April, I think Babz is hosting one to raise funds for the local animal Sanctuaries to share, a special one, it’s only in the early stages of planning so far!

            • Caroline says:

              I’m looking forward to hearing more about it! You and Babz are full of ideas that you actually see through to fruition. (something I don’t do often enough-hopefully that will change) I wonder if we couldn’t do something “virtually” ?

              Anyway, You are inspiring.
              and, btw, Key Lime pie is made from key limes, Citrus aurantifolia ‘Swingle.’ They are smaller than reg. limes and thinner-skinned; the flavour is intense and unique, really. Distinct. Kind of like Bergamot citrus is distinct in flavor, you know? (Earl Grey tea, for those who don’t know of Bergamot)

              • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

                So key lime pie has a sort of ‘twang’ do you mean? Our Coffee Morning guests like good old fashioned plain stuff lol if we try something new it gets left, they like the tried and trusted.
                But I’ll gladly try some of your delicious sounding recipes at our ‘virtual’ party, we could all take photos of our specialities and share 🙂

            • Caroline says:

              Actually, the bergamot scent is so wonderful that I chose it as one of the bases of a perfume I designed for myself. Bergamot and Heliotrope, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosa moschata, some woodsy notes from sage, balsam fir, to name but a few==scents that Shrimptaro approved of (he has an extremely sensitive nose, like me. (I make my own personal scent from oils and my extracts, then dilute it with alcohol so that it is subtle and to Shrimpie’s liking (he will always suffer from upper resp. issues, poor dear). 🙂

              I think that it is wonderful, what you and Babz are doing! (it would be nice to help out in any way when you have your Spring “event” so hopefully you’ll keep us all abreast? <3

              • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

                Caroline how clever you are to make your own perfume and make it subtle! Babz nor I ever wear any because of our cats, we would worry about it affecting them when we had our cuddles.
                It would be wonderful if you could help at our Spring event, you can be there in spirit and send us good vibes to raise lots of money.
                We haven’t had a Coffee Morning for a good while as Babz is always so busy there and it gets harder work as we get older but we know our regulars are excitedly waiting for the next one and we’ve gathered lots of lovely raffle prizes meanwhile and even people who can’t come on the day itself like to buy tickets and have the chance to win.
                Yes we’ll keep you informed and take lots of photos on the day too for PoC 🙂

      • Caroline says:

        Chef DW, I am honored to be in your presence. Truly. (Please divulge fully what you would bring to the table, no holds barred!)

  4. Dee (Florida) says:

    OK, seriously (sometimes I think that Michael doesn’t appreciate our humor), I will bring key lime pie. I, also, make a decent pecan pie.
    These desserts are pretty southern, but you may like them.
    Ofcourse, booze is in order. A litte bit of 12 year old scotch makes the Woody go down!

    • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

      My husband makes the best pumpkin and apple pies. It’s always funny to see ladies at church gathered around my husband asking for his pie crust recipe. I used to make pie, but he’s so much better at it. Jeff said the other day, “You should make a pie.” I asked why and he said, “It would be funny.”

    • Michael says:

      Dee, I totally love your humor. Many a smile has been plastered across my face thanks to your humor 😉

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      My soh gets me into trouble sometimes lol
      Never had key lime pie or pecan pie or pumpkin pie 🙁
      I’ll pass on the whisky, it’s a G and T for me for a treat or a green ginger wine or just a good old glass of ice cold lager.

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        I’ve never known anyone that has bever had one of these pies. Is it because these itms aren’t available to you?
        You have, ofcourse, had cherry, apple, or mincemeat pie?

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          I don’t know anyone who has had pecan pie or pumpkin pie here, we don’t eat much pastry ourselves but yes we’ve had fruit pies of all makes.
          We tried pies at a Coffee Morning but they didn’t go down too well. One old dear brought some meat and potato pies she’d made, we couldn’t hurt her feelings by saying we only have veggie food, but anyway not many slices were sold so hopefully she won’t go to the trouble next time.
          I have to hide a buttered cheese scone and a piece of choccie cake for myself until I stop being so busy as tea/coffee lady, it’s like a swarm of locusts descending when we open the door lol

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    The hedgehog cake was a great success, after one slice someone bought the whole thing!
    The cat cake….oh dear, it went rock hard and heavy and Leanne and Kevin took it away to Kays Hill to be a foundation stone in the new cattery they were building lol

  6. Dee (Florida) says:

    OK. If there’s chocolate cake, I’M IN!
    I make a mean key lime pie.

    And, Ruth AKA, I think my Woody recital would happen by popular demand!
    We just need to set it to music and have a candlelight vigil for his poor, sick soul that will never progress.


    Woody, Woody, Pee Pee Woody
    When did you go wrong
    Was there something in your past
    That made you so hate cats

    Were you beaten
    Were you shamed
    What made you so unkind
    That you would troll
    And spit such venom
    As if you lost your mind

    Is there anything that you can love
    Or are you void of that
    Do you turn your rage
    From the deserving ones
    And plant it right on cats

    The price you’ll pay
    Beyond this life
    Should scare you beyond measure
    You harm the ones
    That harm the least
    And really are a treasure

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      That’s done it! lol I’m no more good, I laughed so much I fell right off my chair, oh Dee you are so droll, lol lol
      Your recital is a legend!
      Yes we must set it to music for the PoC party but I doubt I’ll be able to sing for laughing.
      It will be the party to end all parties that’s for sure 🙂

      • Dee (Florida) says:

        There’s, actually, a serious undertone to the poem.
        There’s a small part of me that feels sorry for Woody. He wasn’t created the way he is; he was made. Something happened to him, because no person just wakes up and wants to be a monster.

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          You are right of course Dee but I can’t feel sorry for someone who wants all cats dead and who says such horrible, rude, insulting things to people he doesn’t even know, just because we love cats. Worse is describing cats dying in agony! He’s his own worst enemy, we come here and meet our like minded friends and it makes us feel good inside (well I do anyway) and he comes to spurt out hatred and spite, he must feel rotten inside surely? Or is that his way of making himself feel good? Any time I’ve been unkind to anyone I still felt bad about it long after they had forgotten it.

          • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

            When people hurt animals that other humans consider pets it is about hurting humans, not animals. It means that human being really wants to torture and kill humans but he can’t, so he hurts them the best way possible– by hurting or talking about hurting animals they love. If he could he’d talk about hurting children, but society won’t condone that. If he could he’d actually assault a human being, but he’d end up in jail. So he does what society will allow him to do– talk about and maybe even commit animal abuse. Light penalties for that, if indeed any penalty at all.

            The Bible says people who do such things deserve death. When Nathan tells David the story of the rich man killing the poor man’s lamb, a lamb he treated as a pet and loved like a daughter, David responds that that man should die. The story was really about David taking Bathsheeba, another man’s wife, but David’s reaction to the parable was exactly as we should react.

            A person who hurts a companion animal deserves death. People ate lamb all the time in Bible times. Death for killing a lamb and eating it? Yes, when that lamb was a loved pet. David recognized that when an animal is like part of the family, it really hurts if harm comes to that animal. It hurts so bad that the person who caused that hurt should die.

            Even if a person would find it necessary to euthanize feral cats (as misguided as that is) if he were a decent man he would never mention it around people he knew loved and cared for cats. I agree with King David– such a man is not fit to walk among us.

            But David himself did a lot of equally crappy things, equally deserving of death, and God put away his sin and spared his life. Mercy is there for any who will repent and turn away from evil. But heaven help the person who does not. God knows the heart. He knows the real motives, and that’s what a cat killer will be judged on. Killing cats to better preserve local songbird populations? Misguided, but not the worst thing a human could do. Killing cats and bragging about it to drive humans who love cats to despair? Evil. Because what is the final end of despair if it goes unchecked? It’s a path to self-destruction, and seeing one of us go down that path has to be Woody’s real motive or the motives of the demons who drive him to act as he does.

            Every human every day fights a battle against despair, a battle other animals don’t fight. Drive another human over that brink into despair and it would be better if a millstone were tied around your neck and you were drowned in the depths of the sea. Christ’s words concerning harming “one of these little ones.” I don’t take that warning as being confined toward those who harm infants. We are all Christ’s “little ones” who walk this earth.

            • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

              Do you think the fear of ‘an eye for an eye’ ‘a tooth for a tooth’ ‘a life for a life’ would stop human beings abusing or murdering others? I think anyone proved beyond doubt to be guilty of a crime should have the same punishment they gave out. Ideally they should be given the same punishment for hurting an animal too, but where would that leave slaughterhouse employees who kill animals every day for a living? It’s a right old mixed up world where some living beings of the same species have rights, but some don’t. The most evil minded serial murderer has more rights than any innocent animal. How can that be right?
              Would Woody like it if we found out what he loved and then tortured him with hatred and spite about whatever it was, saying the same predictable things over and over to upset him?
              Well he won’t drive any of us to despair no matter how hard he tries, we have work to do on this earth, protecting animals from people like him.

    • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

      You know I could set it to music. It would be a polka.

    • DW says:

      Wow! A poet in our midst! Was this published before and I missed it? Spot on!

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    A typical spread at our Coffee Morning fund raisers at Babz office, her scones and choccie cake go like wildfire lol

  8. Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

    Not all faith suppers at churches are booze free. At my old church they had beer at the church picnic every year.

    A party for PoC’ers would be wonderful. It’s fun to think about. Kind of like our game nights, soup suppers, talent shows, chilli cook offs, and spaghetti dinners at my church.

    Not only is Jeff a great carpenter, he’s an excellent cook. He wins the chilli cook off every year.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Your Jeff is a man of many talents then! Beer at Church picnics! Really? I’ve never heard the likes lol

      • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

        Wisconsin has a long history of great beers– there have always been lots of breweries here. So it’s just really common (for good or ill) that Wisconsinites like to drink a lot of beer.
        The way they got around the prohibition of alcohol in the church building (except communion wine) was to store the beer in a fridge in the church’s garage and then the beer was only consumed outside, in this grassy fenced area with lots of shade trees next to the church. No one over indulged though– just a beer or two with their meal. It was never a problem.

        I recently saw two interesting statistics about Wisconsin. #1: The Wisconsin River is the third most deadly in the world, behind only the Amazon and the Nile. #2: Wisconsinites consume more alcohol than people in any other state. I think number two has something to do with number one. Every time we go canoeing Jeff and I are the only sober people on the river. With few exceptions every other person is not only consuming alcohol, they are blind drunk.

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          Do they not fall out of their canoes Ruth?

          • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

            Yes, in fact, they do. We rescued a young couple who had capsized. There were a lot of beers floating around, as their cooler had come open. The woman was clinging to the canoe for dear life. Jeff helped them get to shore and right their canoe. The girl told me she didn’t know how to swim. “Why aren’t you wearing your life jacket?” No answer. I told her how I had grown up on that river and learned to respect it, that the current and the shifting sandy bottom make it treacherous even when it looks calm. She thanked us, hopped back in the canoe sans life vest, and off they went.

            • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

              What a silly girl! I had to laugh though at the imagine in my mind of the beers floating along the river lol

  9. Barbara says:

    I love this! Yippppeeee a party, what a ball we’ll have with cats and bikes and teabags and lots of booze and cakes and finger food for humans and kibble and water and fresh catnip for cats, there will be no bullying (do you hear me Walter?) we could play Puss the Parcel! Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet up for real, I bet we’d all get a shock that POCers aren’t a bit like we’ve pictured them in our minds.

  10. Marc says:

    Ha ha – my bike – thank you! Yes my bikes get sat on and clawed – any other bike collector would be a little shocked I don’t keep the room closed off. In some cases they are things of serious rareity and value but there is not a chance that I would close them off from that room.

    My only issue is that Gigi likes to lick the spokes. I worry about old cadmium plating and metal poisoning so I stop her when I see her do it.

  11. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    Yes and Rudolph too, oh dear the ladies would outnumber the gentlemen by far 😉

  12. Marc says:

    I’d actually really like that alot. I’d be up for coming to England – I’m only an hour away. I can do it at a couple weeks notice if need be. 🙂

  13. Michael says:

    LOL. I am laughing as I type this…..but, seriously, I have thought about a get-together for some time. Tricky to arrange. It would be fun though.

    There is one thing for sure: there would be some booze. My apologies to teetotallers. But we’d have to get some Valerian for Charlie (if we had the party in London) because he’d have to get his share of the fun.

    London is a good place to visit. There are plenty of options. We could visit Battersea Dogs & Cats Home? No? Maybe? It is not far from where I live.

    It does not really matter, it would be lovely to meet you ladies and Marc and Dan (and what about Jeffrey – Monty’s dad?). It doesn’t have to be London. I’d go anywhere to meet up.

    We’d enter a different world. How would we react to the experience, I wonder?

    • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

      Maybe in a few years it would be possible, Michael. Right now Jeff and I have bills to pay off from when I took time off to go back to school. It was an investment, and worth it, but we can’t afford an expensive trip for a little while at least.

      But we could feasibly do an overseas trip at some point. My sister can watch Monty for us and Jeff has lots of vacation time from work. Being PRN means I work when I like in physical therapy and American schools are off for three months in the summer, so my music teaching job ends in mid June. We would have to work around fireworks shows though– tricky because we don’t always know very far ahead of time what shows our crew will be assigned to. I’d have to get an organ sub too. If Jeff and I could do it I would think people already on the same continent as you could easily make it happen.

      For now it’s an amusing fantasy. But who knows? You could just start it as an annual thing and whoever can come, comes. It would grow over time. So what if it starts out with just a few of you from England and maybe Marc from Switzerland? You would have to post an article and pictures from the party.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        It’s nice and harmless to dream isn’t it? The train fare from here to London is very expensive, £120 return and we always think in terms of how many tins of cat food would money buy, IF we had it of course, which sadly we don’t 🙁
        240 big tins to share out with Cats Protection, Kays Hill cattery and The Ark on the Edge cattery, all are struggling. Two of us travelling to London would be worth 480 big tins!
        I’d feel so selfish indulging myself spending so much on pleasure that I wouldn’t enjoy it one bit.
        Of course if our weekly lotto attempt paid off….yay…..that would be different, we could happily do it all 🙂

        • Michael says:

          It is nice to dream, Ruth. We’d have some great laughs. It would be nice to think that it’ll happen some day.

        • Ruth (Monty's Mom) says:

          The state of Wisconsin, where I live, is 15,000 square miles bigger than England. I looked it up. I guess I thought Ruth and Barbara would just drive down to London. I think distances are different in a way, in America, because of the interstate highway system, and as much as people complain, gas for our cars still is relatively cheap. Jeff and I drive across pretty much the whole state when we deliver fireworks up north in the summer. Even with stops for deliveries we make the whole trip plus part of the way back in one day. One very long day.

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            We don’t drive very far, the furthest is North Yorkshire, we both hate motorways, speed is scary. Also we never go away together because there is no one we’d entrust our boyz to and every moment with them is precious.
            I’m an armchair traveller these days lol
            Babz went down to London by train a few years back, to Downing Street in the state pension age fight on behalf of the 500,000 women the government are robbing, a long long way on her own, she was very brave!

  14. Dw says:

    I think I see Marvin in that poster. Oh, I’ll be bringing food. I cook, that’s what I do. And bake of course. I’ll have to think of the menu. I’ll meet Dee, Ruth and Jeff etc. in New York and we can fly over together.

    Maybe we should wait until they can beam us over. Might be easier. Home by bedtime. Lol.

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