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On this page, I set out what I believe should happen with this website over the forthcoming years.  I’m not saying my ideas and thoughts are fixed in cement.  They can be changed and any input would be welcome.

Update: this page is not saying I am stopping writing. I just need to make sure the core pages are in good shape for the future. I will write news stories when I think they are interesting and will interest others and perhaps generate a dialogue.

There comes a time when you pretty much run out of topics to write about.  Excepting news sites, all websites end up with this problem.  Surprisingly, many of the popular cat websites simply recycle what is already on the Internet either in video or in words.  I am not the sort of person who can do that indefinitely because I do not see much point in it when another site can do the job better than me or they have sourced information on the ground rather than on the Internet.

My intention, as this time, is to spend more time consolidating the popular, core pages on PoC and expand on them where I can and, also, present them in a slightly more visible manner so the website becomes about these core pages. PoC is strong on the wild cat species and ancillary matters surrounding them, particularly conservation.  This website is also quite strong on essays for students, which present information in a simplified and reusable manner which is digestible to anybody. These are examples only. There are other pages that are visited often.

PoC has always been very much rooted in reality.  It is not a website which consistently paints a pretty picture of what is going on in the domestic and wild cat world.  Most of the popular cat websites tend to focus on the nicer aspects of the domestic cat world. For me, this is not entirely satisfactory because it does not tell the entire story.  In addition, we have to ask ourselves what is more important; to entertain ourselves with nice cat stories or address important welfare issues surrounding domestic, feral and wild cat species.  I have always been more interested in the latter but the public, in general, is more interested in the former.

What I’m saying in a roundabout way is that PoC is not doing as well as it could have done if I had focused purely on entertainment rather than real and important issues notwithstanding that they are sometimes a little unpleasant and described by one visitor as “negative”.  I don’t mean to be negative in my writing.  I love to be positive but personally I find it difficult to write about anything other than the real issues.  This is a personal trait which I cannot avoid.

Therefore, at least for the time being, I will be writing a little less while spending more of my time consolidating the website with the intention of making it more like an encyclopaedia about the domestic, feral and wild cat species. This does not mean I will not be writing news stories and such like because I still enjoy doing it. The site will be published for the foreseeable future. There is no intention to alter anything other than how new content is added.

I will always welcome articles by others especially about their personal experiences so please come forward if you would like to write for this website.  In addition, I always like comments which allow people to express their opinions and pass on their personal experiences.  Please continue to do so.

Thank you, too, for all your great comments and contributions to date.

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  1. Michael, I’m wondering if these two things might help with your website standing:

    1) Becoming an affiliate for cat related products. (Even if you don’t make much money, your site would be seen and clicked on by people who may not see if otherwise.)
    2) Posting as a guest on other cat related sites. Again,
    more exposure, more hits, higher ranking.

    These two things would increase exposure to benefit everyone.

    • Thanks Geri. I’ll still be around. Just focusing on different stuff unless something really interesting comes up.

  2. I like the idea of PoC evolving as an encylopaedia for all things cat related. You have some fantastic articles covering topics which aren’t featured on many other cat sites, making PoC a valuable source of information. Reader comments and personal experiences add further depth to these articles.

    ‘PoC has always been very much rooted in reality’.

    For me that’s a positive point. Yes it can be depressing to read about the latest cruelty cases or dodgy goings on at shelters, vet clinics, groomers etc., but burying our heads in the sand won’t help better the lives of cats everywhere.

  3. I have found POC to be a great resource on many levels. These include up to date news about cats(big & small), shared experiences, solutions, perspectives, community, and of course….wonderful pictures of cats by great photographers, including Michael.

    Michael, when you say POC is not doing as well as it could have done. I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Number of subscribers, contributors?

    I can’t recall how I first learned about POC, but after my first visit, I thought that the name was misleading, and if I had only seen that I might not have even looked at the site. Only because I don’t search for pictures of cats, since I’m much more interested in the serious aspects of cat lives. As a photographer, it’s always a joy to see beautiful cat pictures, but there are an unlimited number places to see them.

    I continue to discover things I didn’t know about, and only in the last 6 months, have become a cat advocate, as I delve into food, vaccines, vets, health issues, laws, and beyond in areas such as communication/ telepathy.

    I’m finding vets who are speaking out against their own profession, and pet food manufacturers. I’ve recently become a member of a site for veterinarians, so I can see what they are being told about how to discuss controversial issues. This is an eye-opener!

    We cannot know too much about how to provide the best care for our furry family. I have appreciated the details of reports by Michael and others, but I know it does take time to re-write and share information from other sources.

    Since I’ve started sharing information on my local BB, I’ve received questions, mostly about pet food. There are still many people who don’t have a clue that their pets are eating dead dogs and cats. Also, many didn’t know that Banfield Pet Hospital, part of PetSmart stores, includes “de-clawing” as part of their Wellness program for kittens and cats, or that the ingredients in “prescription” food are those found in the worst pet food.

    I’ve learned how to read pet food labels, thanks to an extensive analysis of ingredients.

    When my cat had serious constipation issues, I tried many recommendations to give her more fiber. Nothing was working, except stool softeners. One vet said she had a “mechanical” problem, but didn’t say what it might be. She also “guessed” she might have a urinary infection, and gave antibiotics without testing.

    Then my cat got an ear infection, and I took her to a new vet. She had serious reactions to the drugs given on separate occasions for deep ear cleaning. I was told to give her stool softeners 4 x a day for the constipation. I refused to do this, because I didn’t see this as a way to get a the root problem. I give only as needed.

    Two weeks ago I discovered a local resource for raw pet food. I was able to try a one pound container for under $6. Imagine my surprise when Mitzy ate it, and cleaned her plate, which she’d never done before! She’s a small cat with a little appetite. She would usually just eat a bit, and leave the rest, no matter what high quality foods I tried.

    The biggest benefit to this new raw diet, is that she’s no longer constipated, but has “beautiful”(to me)daily poops. It’s less expensive than any good canned food.
    I just defrost it enough to scoop out small serving sizes, put in snack baggies, and back in freezer. I take them out just prior to feeding, and add a little hot water from my electric kettle. There are several flavor choices, but I’ve only tried turkey with sardines
    and duck with sardines. The mix I’ve been using has ground bone, but it’s available without bone also. If I choose that one, I’d have to add calcium.

    Anyway, I’m very thankful for Michael, and all those who contribute in a variety of ways. I’m very glad to be a part of this pet loving community.

    • Although PoC still does well – it is probably in the top half dozen cat websites in the world – it is losing ground and has been for 6 years. At one time, 6 years ago it was the No 1 site. I have become weary of trying to stop this process. I have worked 24/7 for eight years. If I don’t see results then it is normal to become demotivated. If I could find a way of reversing the trend I’d take it. Unless you constantly post new material a site loses ground. I am finding it harder and harder to find new material.

      I am still going to post articles though. I just want to consolidate. Searching in Bing and Yahoo, my wild cat species page comes out at No 1 position. That encourages me.

      Yes, the name is misleading but the site evolved. The name is now a drawback and this disappoints me.

      • I remember what drew me to PoC were the personal stories of how a cat lover acquired their cat. Why aren’t people submitting those anymore? Those were so great!

        • The old website had a form and the site got 750,000 page views per month. That is the difference. Even with up a million page views per month there were only one or two visitor stories per day and a lot of them were not good enough. Anyway times have changed. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.

          The trouble with personal stories is that they don’t get hits except for the day. All the consistently best viewed pages today (taken over months) are about on information about the cat that were written 5-8 years ago! The best hit pages over months are not the sort of page that encourage comments. They are pure info, most of them.

    • Correct, Sandra. The name is misleading.
      Some years ago, Michael considered a name change for the site and asked us to submit suggestions.
      My opinion is that the best suggestion, “Panorama of Cats” submitted be Ruth AKA was the best.
      Perhaps Michael will consider a name change again.

  4. Anytime I see something new regarding cat cases I will post to ye Michael then tis up to ye if ye wish to publish it or not :O)

  5. Agreed Michael. Any specialized niche topic tends to get saturated over a period of time becoming repetitive.The importance of your site “P.O.C” is that it is a “Cat Encyclopedia” that is relevant as its on the “INTERNET” besides having its readers comment about their own interactions and experiences on that particular topic. I myself have had tremendous learning on “CATS” through “P.O.C” and have also shared the same with other readers.Another point you mentioned is the “NEGATIVE TOPICS” about cats which is a fact which some sites do not publish as was the topic on diseases claimed to be spread by cat ownership.Owning any pet has its positive and negative aspects with the positive aspects far outweighing the negative aspects for cat owners.My two cats provide me with hilarious entertainment as also anger at times.Thats a part of living your life with cats as pets.


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