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PoC – News – Upgrade and Donation for December — 12 Comments

  1. An update: I am waiting on news about Vincent and Tortie before donating. The idea is to donate to either (a) support Vincent’s vet check on his paws and/or (b) support the sanctuary where he is scheduled to be placed with Tortie.

  2. I know that although you’re retired you appear to have a full time job and all because you love cats and want to help them by educating which I think is amazing where would they be without you? You’ve helped so many.

    I think helping Vincent would be lovely he is so deserving and if his poor paws could be helped as well then even better.

    Take care Michael and a happy and health New Year to you

  3. Well done Michael, typical that you were more concerned about your visitors inconvenience than you own and all the hard work you had to put into the transfer!
    PoC is running smoothly and quickly today on my computer 🙂
    I agree it’s a wonderful idea for the December donation to go to help the Sanctuary where Vincent and Torti and other cats in care will benefit, I’m sure they will use the money wisely.

    • Thanks Ruth. I am pleased the move to a dedicated server is done. I am also pleased the site is running well for you. Vincent has to be the boy to get the money. I want to try and get it to him rather than it ending up in a big pot. I’ll try and look into that. Anyway if the money helps the new sanctuary where Vincent will stay that will probably do.

  4. So glad the changeover is done with, it’s caused you some stress, I for one had no idea how much was involved in running POC and I hope all is well now with the site. I think your idea of the December donation going to help Vincent and Torti’s new life, or to help with Vincent’s paws, is a brilliant one, it seems very appropriate that it should go to this pair who have stolen all our hearts.

    • Thanks Barbara. It was stressful (for me) because it is very complicated and I have to hand over work to people I don’t know. It is a bit unnerving. I had to make about 10 international telephone calls of about 20 – 30 minutes each time! It would be nice to help Vincent out. Anyway PoC will stick to its promise to pay $300 (in staggered payments) to help Vincent and Torti in their new home.

      • Blimey Michael all those international phone calls must have cost you a fortune, and yet you’re STILL giving donations, you are a star.
        In fact the 2014 “Who Is The Biggest Star Competition” is won already on January 2nd by Michael!!

        POC is going like billy-ho now!

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