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PoC Pays $200 For X-rays for Declawed Cat — 18 Comments

  1. Update from Tina:

    “Mollie Ann has an appointment for x-rays next Thursday 22nd of May! I will need to get the okay from the vet to video everything. Get ready, I am praying this makes a world of change for how cats are treated by veterinarians in the United States!”

  2. “P.O.C” besides being a practical “Cat Encyclopedia” is doing excellent cat charity.What surprises me is the high cost of Veterinary care and costs in the Western First World Country’s.

    • The price of this seems quite reasonable to me! In London if you want and vet to clean your cat’s teeth it’ll cost £400! It is the cost of the general anesthetic etc..

        • Jo, we have an update from Tina:

          Hi Michael!!!!

          X-rays done this morning and Mollie did not need sedation!!!!!!!! The vet is extremely professional and Mollie did great. Her weight is fine and examination was perfect. She is in good shape and the x-rays are being sent to Dr. Doub in Utah. Do not know when I’ll hear back, but will let you know!!!


  3. Awesume what a great cause so pleased its going to help Molly. Shes such a beautiful kitty. Hope she gets better soon. Hugs

  4. Thank you Michael and PoC for helping! I hope, with the help of Paws with Claws/Carla, writing a letter to the veterinarians Mollie will see and receive xrays from that she can be diagnosed properly and receive the treatment she needs

      • I hope the vets are treating this urgently! Now we know from the Paw Project Utah that all declawed cats are in pain anyway, the ones with bone fragments too, must be in agony from the botched surgery. It’s imperative Mollie is seen and hopefully treated quickly, because every day delayed is another day in pain for her.

  5. very pawsome!! God bless you for helping the kitties. . . Praying that all will be well with Mollie. . . <3

  6. Thank you Ruth for bringing this case to Michael’s attention so Mollie can get the help she needs.

  7. Once again a wonderful act of kindness by POC, by Michael. This will make a huge difference to Mollie’s chance of getting help for her poor painful paws, I hope it can now all happen quickly and I hope Tina can keep us updated as to progress. A huge thank you Michael for your kindness to all cats.

  8. What a wonderful gesture Michael! I hope Tina gets those Xrays done and to Kirsten quickly, it’s heart breaking to think of poor Mollie in pain, I hope and pray she can be helped.
    What a difference in vets, the wonderful Paw Project vets repairing the damage done by the declawing vets who break their oath to cause no animal to suffer.
    How can those vets keep on denying the suffering they cause?
    How many cats are crippled by this cruel surgery?
    It HAS to stop!

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