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PoC – Pictures of Cats and Protectors of Cats too — 21 Comments

  1. thats how i managed to save two of the cats from two enviroments. Tiger and Ozzie. Tiger wasnt being feed properly and when i went to visit sister saw the cat in destress so i offered to take him and look after him. Was my nephews cat which he was really happy that i did. The same situition with ozzie plus at the time my cat tammy was getting older as well. So i guess in away i protected those kitties and now they got a forever home where they wouldnt need to worry about not getting feed or having dogs around. as we are a cat friendly home. 🙂

    • Yes that is protection too Kylee and just as important as rescuing cats from anywhere else, Tiger and Ozzie needed rescuing and you did it!
      You are one of life’s unsung heroines x

  2. Love it, R!
    So entertaining but with a serious message.
    I feel that it is ours jobs to protect cats.
    It’s pitiful that we have to; but, there is insanity all around us.

  3. Then there are the people who by the number of cats they keep safe and well cared for are also protectors of cats, you know who you are boys and girls! It really gets my goat when people say I don’t like cats (fair enough not everyone likes cats) but then they go on to say ” I wouldn’t hurt them, I just don’t like them” well why should they think we assume that because they dislike cats it means they would hurt them? I’ve always thought that strange and I’ve never noticed people saying it about dogs or rabbits or whatever, maybe it goes back a few hundred years when people DID hurt cats a lot.

    As for declawing, it’s right up there alongside any other pre-meditated cruelty, and it involves at least 2 people conspiring to mutilate the cat, one paying for it and one doing it. As has been said by Marc – shame on them all, and an ancient Bastet curse on the lot of them.

    Great subject and poster Ruth x

    • You are right Babz, come to think of it people don’t say ‘I don’t like dogs but I wouldn’t hurt them’ so why do they say it about cats? It’s the old second class citizen chestnut, people don’t like to think of dogs being hurt.
      There are many more people fighting the abuse of dogs than there are cats, it surely doesn’t have to be one or the other, I do fight for both, for all animals anyway, but I choose cat causes first and foremost because I love them most.
      I wonder if a person who didn’t care about animals was faced with a choice to save a dog or save a cat, which they would choose?

  4. Great poster Ruth. Nicely done.

    I think Marc’s mom is in the majority of naturally good people. The biggest nightmare is the vet, who has taken a vow to protect animals, telling a first time cat owner the benefits of declawing. And, the foolish people who adopts a cat as an ornament, and in their ignorance, think the furniture is more important than the welfare of the cat. Or never giving it a thought, that removing a body part could be cruel and inhuman.

    I just have to believe we will see the day when it is outlawed across the US. Sadly, probably not in our lifetime. All we can do is continue to educate.

    • Thank you Dorothy, yes we can only continue to educate, until declawing is banned, sadly that’s the only way it will stop because there are people who know it’s cruel yet still think it’s acceptable.

  5. How true, we do want to protect all cats, not just the ones we know personally. It’s so hard to think that declawing goes on everyday – more and more cats irreversibly changed – each day 100 more? Who knows – it’s very very bad to physically alter an animals, expecially if it involves a part of them which is integral to what they are. Everyday cats are being changed for life. It’s a tragedy – it’s unthinkable and yet it happens. Shame on the one who is holding the cutters and shame on the one who books the appointment. Shame on the ones who want it done and shame on the entire North American veterinary practice for allowing this to happen with impunity.

    • Yes it’s very hard to accept that we can’t stop declawing happening, we can fight against any other abuse of cats but to think this cruelty is legal is just beyond belief.

      • Yes – unbelievable. My mum lives in europe but she grew up in california and they had cats – they had Manx cats actually funnily enough, just by chance – they weren’t particularly cat people. Anyhow – not long ago I told her about the practice of declawing and it shocked her. And she is not somebody who even begins to connect with or love cats – she’s so not an any animals person. But she was still horrified and disgusted and she still totally understood the importance of claws to a cat. If her basic common sense as a non animal person can tell her that then I think we should be looking at the vets who do it and shaming them. They make people who want to believe it’s ok, able to believe it’s ok, and that there is the evil act of proliferating this awful torture.

        The vets who maintain the myth that it’s ok to declaw should all go to jail as they would anywhere else in the world.

        • Your mum is like people here who don’t particularly like cats but are shocked and horrified at the thought of declawing. The vets who declaw should stop, they know it’s cruel but they don’t care, nor do the AVMA.I don’t see how they can justify it when it’s a serious crime in so many other countries.

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