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PoC Podcast: Ethical Treatment of Feral Cats — 3 Comments

  1. These are starving domestic animals. I will never understand why all the hate and anger and abuse is directed at the victims of human animal abuse.
    Have there been any studies done on how far a dumped cat will migrate from it’s original home ? Not including those that are driven and dumped. I mean seriously the next time you see a feral cat get mad at humans not the animal suffering from neglect. If you see an abused child on TV do you want to kick the child ?

  2. Absolutely, these poor animals have many enemies in Nature but Man is the biggest and worst! Such humble creatures. I feel people who hate and abuse them should come back as ferals to see how hard their life is!They are so loving , once given the opportunity to be loved and fed. I have learned so much about them over the years. One thing is certain , they like other animals that man has been given Stewardship over, do not deserve to suffer as they do living outside and on their own.

    • I have a tender spot in my heart for feral cats. They deserve better from people. Some people are very kind to them. These are the people I admire.

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