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This website is hosted by an American company called Hostgator. It is based in Houston and Austin, Texas.

On occasions the site loads far too slowly for me and I am sure that some visitors have the same feelings. I apologize sincerely because I don’t like to deliver a less than good experience. Something, I don’t know what, changed at Hostgator that made things worse.

As a result, I decided to upgrade the way the site was hosted. This is quite a complicated business. The site will he held on an individual computer (server) at Hostgator rather than sharing a computer. This means transferring all the settings, content and comments.

The new computer is set up and ready to receive the content and comments which will be transferred over the next 72 hours or so. I don’t know when, exactly.

This means that the very last comments made after transfer may not show once the transfer is completed. They might be lost. Visitors should be aware of that. However, I will personally add content because I won’t mind if a few of my comments and an article or two of mine are lost. I can always add them back

After transfer I am hopeful that:

  • the site will load faster
  • there will be no variations in page load times dependent on busy and quiet times. At the moment things slow down when there is more traffic. This variability should stop after the transfer.

I will keep people posted. This slightly difficult time will be over fairly soon and we can then get back to normal.

Thanks a lot for your patience. If you have any questions please ask in a comment.


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About Michael Broad

Michael is retired! He retired at age 57 and at Aug 2018 is approaching 70. He worked in many jobs. The last job he did was as a solicitor practicing general law. He loves animals and is passionate about animal welfare. He also loves photography and nature. He hates animal abuse. He has owned and managed this site since 2007. There are around 13k pages so please use the custom search facility!


PoC Website News (upgrade) — 34 Comments

  1. I’ve been on a private server for years. When I used a shared server, other clients suffered degredation of service whenever I got a lot of visitors. I’ve kept load times faster by sticking to hand-coded html.

    • Hi Sarah. Happy New Year. Hope your contract is going well. I agree with what you say. I was reluctant to move to a dedicated server because of cost and the worry about doing it. Simple html does load faster. Moving the site to Hostgator required a lot of searching for problems and a database style site helping me find these problems. That said I prefer simple code. Damn it, I understand html but I don’t understand php and javascript 😉 Help! I have received some freelance help on javascript blocking.

      You know what I would really like: my own server in my home but it seems to be too difficult.

    • Sorry, I’m tired, and now going to bed. How is Marc doing over there in Slovenia? sis I miss an update?
      Michael, you know that you will not lose our best newcomers to the site when you have warned them so well…

      • Hey I’m here – Happy New Year Caroline 🙂

        I take the train home tomorrow night and arrive homer around 10am on the 2nd at my house. I’ll be so very excited to open the door and see my little ones again finally 🙂

  2. There must be a lot more to running the site than most of us ever imagine, it sounds so complicated to me so good luck with the change over and thank you for all you do to make POC the wonderful place to visit that it is.

    • There’s something called html code that was invented to make the average among us feel stupid. Michael knows html and that makes him brillant!

      • Hype Text Markup Language is actually alot more simple than something like Java which is a multi platform scripting language.

        I love this one though – guess what JPEG stands for…..

        Joint Photographic Experts Group

        Yep, thats what it stands for 🙂

    • Thanks Babara. Things can be quite calm but this sort of thing, as I said, makes me anxious and it is complicated ((high risk). Anyway, I’ll just keep going forwards 😉

  3. I don’t see how you do what you do. I’m lost on technical issues and have tried to learn some but I guess I’m just an old fart where servers and html are involved.

      • Michael – when we moved to dedicated it was a matter of about 8 hours with almost no interruption. Hopefully it will be as easy for you.

        • I have a feeling your host company is better than Hostgator also PoC is a large site with over 6,000 pages and 12,000 images and 23,000 comments. There is lots to move. That said it should not be that hugely time consuming. I am waiting for email notification.

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