POC E zine, Issue #002 the 2nd e zine from PoC

POC E-zine, Issue #002 — the 2nd e-zine from PoC


It is time for some fun amongst the sadness, first the sadness.

I can’t get away from the problems faced by many people and, for me, many cats as a result of the financial crisis. Cats are suffering too, for a number of reasons. Some people are abandoning cats they wouldn’t normally. See, for example, a fictional story based on fact: Creating a Stray Cat. Of course, even when money is tight true cat lovers don’t abandon their cat. A cat is for life, right.

There are reports that the rescue centers are filling up faster and that can only mean more unfortunate deaths by euthanasia of unwanted cats. Is there an argument that the major cat rescue center in the UK can do better: Cat Adoption in the UK – What’s the Problem?

Then we musn’t forget the wild cats. We do tend to forget them as there are so few left and, for most of us, so far away (or in a zoo). Less revenue in taxes might translate into less money being put into already rather poorly run conservation programs to save the tiger or smaller wild cats such as the Clouded Leopard. Are these conservation programs genuine and are they working? Sometimes clearly not: Poisoning Tigers and Cats and Corruption

…Now some love and beauty

Yet there is piles of love and beauty around too. Take my colleague, Valley Girl, who finds some fantastic videos. And we know cats are the true stars of video. There are millions but VG, as I call her, finds some of the best and she provides a nice commentary too. Here is my current selection of photos and videos, the first featuring her rescued Maine Coon cat cat:

Tootsie the Maine Coon Rescue cat
Tootsie got lucky when VG picked her as a cat companion. Tootsie so named because she has more toes than usual because she is a polydactyl cat, is a fine Maine Coon cat. Here are VG’s first photos of her.

Tootsie Invents a New Toy
Yep, Tootsie likes playing in her way and using her dextrous toes to good effect!

Tootsie Does Yoga
Yes, here is Tootsie exercising, Yoga style.

Otto is almost famous!
Here is a rescue cat. The story of his rescue is explained in one video and Otto’s party piece trick, chasing feathers into a tall and lined waste bin with a lid and then jumping out of it with his “prey” makes me smile and more..

Bengal Cat Gets What He Wants
Some people care and some go one step further in the desire to entertain their cat. Bengal cats are generally a little more demanding and this person does it right.

And finally…

If you want to feast your eyes on a beautiful and rare cat, the British Longhair cat, you need look no further. Helmi Flick very kindly sent me some pics of Robyn, a fantastically good-looking cat: Robyn – Blue British Longhair Cat.

If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a big favor and “pay it forward.”

Take care, until the next time.

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