POC E zine, Issue #003

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POC E-zine, Issue #003
March 25, 2009
Hello subscribers, I hope you are well,

This morning my mind turned to the film, The Thin Red Line, by Terrence Malick. In a major scene, one of the leading actors, Jim Caviezel, is trapped by Japanese soldiers in a jungle clearing. He looks to the sky, to the tree tops and the birds and the beauty and silently asks, Why? He is then gunned down.

Yesterday, I was doing some work on the tiger, the most popular animal in the world according to a fairly recent poll and I can believe that. It is the most outstanding animal. And we recognise that profoundly. After all we name numerous sports teams after the tiger. And Tiger Wood’s father chose the perfect name for his son. I wonder if a name helps form a person’s character?

The tiger’s character is seen by us as strong, fearless, dignified and when necessary, ferocious. Perfect qualities for sportsmen.

I searched in Google news for the “tiger”. I was looking for some updates on the tiger front, the battle ground between man and beast. The first two pages of the search were about football teams or some other sort of team. One entry was about Tiger Woods. There were two entries, 18th and 19th as I recall (the base of page 2), about the tiger. One concerned two tigers rescued in Dallas, Texas, from (and I am guessing) an individual who had neglected them and it showed. They were transported to a rescue center who themselves would have difficulty in managing financially in the financial downturn.

The other concerned a tiger shot close to a major reserve in northeast India. The tiger was shot because he was a man eater and the villagers were agitated. They tried to tranquilize the animal, the warden said, but the crowd of people made it impossible.

The wild tiger is endangered (IUCN Red List – EN). One lost tiger represents a significant proportion of the total. The point I am making is this. We admire the tiger. We love the tiger as is shown in the use of its name. And we use and abuse the tiger. We are apathetic towards the tiger. And we are unable to live with the tiger. This acute inconsistency makes me look to the sky and ask, Why?

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