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Poisoned Mountain Lion Symbolic of Polluted Natural Environment? — 5 Comments

  1. God awful but fortunate that he’s surviving.
    I’m assuming that the poisons aren’t put in place for the purpose of killing anything other than rodents. That’s a dangerous russian roulette there.
    What kind of human doesn’t have the sense to know that these poison don’t just target rodents and that the affected rodents would be consumed?
    And, why would rodenticides even be needed if there are cats, raccoons, owls, hawks, and snakes around?

    • Exactly, putting down poisons like this on the ground to kill rats and other rodents is fairly convenient to people but very dangerous for wildlife and it isn’t just the beautiful mountain lion who ends up like this but other animals who perhaps feed on the carcass of a dead poisoned mountain lion. The poison goes all the way up the chain killing each time. I find it upsetting because there should really be a greater awareness of nature and wildlife coupled with more respect for it. It’s really about carelessness. As an outsider I view the mountain lion is a magnificent wild cat to be preserved at all costs. If I was in America and came across a mountain lion while walking somewhere I would take the risk of being hurt while doing my best to scare the cat away. I would never consider doing anything other than standing my ground but it seems that too many people like to shoot and hunt this wild cat. It seems to be of low value in American and Canadian society.

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