Poisoned Sergei Skripal’s cat dies inside home because of alleged police neglect

The UK counter-terrorism police sealed Skripal’s house during this lengthy investigation and allegedly ignored the cat living inside and two guinea pigs. The guinea pigs died of due to a lack of water we are told. These are allegations at this stage. The cat was a black purebred Persian. He liked cats it seems.

The cat was put down by a vet because he/she was in a distressed state. What does that mean? My guess is that the cat also died of neglect. Lack of food and water. There might not have been a cat flap and he was locked inside. I am speculating. There is no indication that the cat was killed by the nerve agent. It points to malnourishment. By why was the cat put down? Why couldn’t they have treated the cat? Were the authorities covering up something? Their neglect? I sense they are trying to get rid of the problem expediently.

But what seems certain is the police force in charge of the investigation ignored these animals to the point where they died to a lack of sustenance.

In a sinister manner the animals have been cremated already we are told. Is this to cover up a crime: the crime of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006?

I would allege that the police have committed a crime and a possible prosecuted looked at. It won’t happen. It will never happen. Of course not. The whole affair with regard to these pets is shocking and distressing.

However, it in no way surprises me. The police can be incompetent sometimes and clumsy. We are told that they lack detecting skills. Moreover they lack sensitivity towards animals.

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  1. There is something very, very fishy about this whole affair. I am beyond disgusted that the zeal of the authorities in playing parts in this theatrical farce chose to ignore the obvious needs of the poor animals.



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