Police Against Police Over Animal Cruelty

A reserve police officer who has been on the Konawa, Oklahoma Police Force for about a fortnight has considered resigning having heard two fellow police officers bragging about killing stray dogs.

Officer Jermaine Down said a fellow officer in a police car with a small white dog told him that the dog was about to “disappear”. He took this to mean that the dog would be shot outside city limits.

Down said that he heard two police officers discussing how they had killed stray dogs. They even described how they did it: hold the dog in the left hand and shot it with the right hand.

Down also said he had witnessed the same officers kill a raccoon in a brutal manner. They cornered the animal and opened fire on it several times but failed to kill it. They then beat the raccoon to death with batons. One baton was dented as a result, indicating the sort of force used.

The police chief, Richard Finch, said that the raccoon had charged at the officers but Down who, as mentioned, witnessed the event said he never saw the raccoon charge at the officers. Finch also defended his officers by saying they have never shot stray animals picked up on the streets.

It seems that Down’s expectations of work in the police force were too high.  Now he is seeing both fellow officers shot stray dogs and his chief defend it. That will be a big turn off for someone who obviously cares about doing a proper and caring job as a police officer.

There are plans (by “plans” don’t think it will actually happen because it won’t) for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the incident. Forgot that one. A publicity stunt.

Does this story of alleged animal cruelty surprise you? It does not surprise me. I have had a theory for a while now about firearms. The police carry them all the time. When you carry a piece of machinery like that for a long time without using it and when you are constantly dealing with the unpleasant aspects of human existence you develop an urge to use that piece of machinery on your waist. What better and more easy opportunity to use it than on stray dogs?

My thank to Elisa Black-Taylor for reporting on this and: News9.com

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  1. I don’t think that carrying a weapon of any kind is the trigger or catalyst in situations like this. It takes a sick and twisted individual to even think about destroying animals in this manner. Owning a gun should not be a factor because many of these demented people often don’t have guns. Sticks, clubs, rocks, boots, etc. are just as dangerous as guns in the hands of twisted people with evil intentions.


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