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Police arrest 16-year-old who hurled kitten high onto a road — 8 Comments

  1. Update from Care2 Petition:
    We have some good news! Because of the pressure of people like you and me, police have now located and arrested the person who hurled Spots the kitten out of the window. They haven’t brought him to justice yet, so we need to keep the pressure on to remind them that this is a serious crime. Keep sharing the petition to make sure your friends speak out for Spots, too!

    • Not sure what you mean. I think you mean can we find out what has happened to the cat. And is he OK? Normally the newspapers don’t do follow up pages on how cats recover from abuse.

      Nicht sicher was du meinst. Ich denke, du meinst, können wir herausfinden, was mit der Katze passiert ist. Und ist er in Ordnung? Normalerweise verfolgen die Zeitungen keine Seiten darüber, wie sich Katzen von Missbrauch erholen.

  2. Why would you feel bad for this kid? I don’t feel bad for him at all. He has no regard for life. His parents should be ashamed of him and of themselves. They taught him poorly. Imagine if he did this to a toddler? If the cat was a kitten, even a teen kitten, it’s similar to throwing a child!

    The only one deserving of any pity is the cat, who is far, far younger than this pathetic kid. I pray that this cat makes it and will have no long term health issues from this torture, this abuse. I’m sure that she or he will have some mental trauma. I doubt she or he will ever want any young human to pick them up, much less want to even be near a human child.

    In a perfect world, the punishment would fit the crime, but that would be child abuse. At the very least, he should have to suffer somewhat accordingly. More than likely, he will get a slap on the wrist and be free to do so again. If people who abused animals were punished for it, maybe more people would be deterred from doing it.

    At the very least, he needs to get a lot of psychological testing. There is something mentally wrong with that kid. He should end up on an animal abuser list, like a sexual predator list, to have this crime follow him for life, but he will probably get away with this malicious act of torture.

    • HI Jenn. Maybe I shouldn’t feel sorry for him because he is no good. But for someone this young to behave this badly and so cruelly it is sad. He is a failure already at 16.

      • He is more than old enough to know exactly what he was doing and did not care what would happen to the little kitten. So are the people or person who was filming this cruel behavior. Like I said throw them off a bridge to show them what it feels like!

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