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Police car runs over and kills cat — 9 Comments

  1. How very sad! My sincerest sympathies! Poor Harry! There is no excuse for the police not to have attempted to stop and to find the owner. None!

  2. This is a very sad story and I feel so sorry for the owners. I don’t understand why the police felt the need to remove and dispose of the body. Surely it would have made more sense to ask the neighbour who provided the bin bag, if they would mind holding onto the body for the owner. Of course the police know which officers were attending that call out, they just don’t want to reveal the names.

    If the law in the UK were changed so that drivers had to report hitting a cat on the road, other existing legislation might also need to be amended such as their right to roam freely.

    Whilst drivers have to report traffic accidents involving dogs, they can also sue the owner if the dog caused them to have the accident. This is why dog owners are recommended to have public liability insurance cover.

    • Good point about reporting accidents. You are right it may have knock on effect. It appears the police immediately decided to cover up the accident. From the outset there appears to have be no thought given to doing the right thing. If I am correct it supports my view that the police have difficulty in setting decent standards of integrity.

  3. I feel such sadness for the Hunts. I hope they are able to pursue this. The police know exactly which officer(s) were involved because they know where each officer is throughout each shift. Some cars even have trackers in them. All officers have to check in, especially if responding to a call. Shame on the police for not owning up to their mistake. If they had come forward sooner, the Hunts would possibly been able to have closure and a decent burial for Harry. Poor kitty. 🙁

  4. Cops in general… show a lack of compassion for people and their pets. The number of stories involving them is apparent this is true. They of course think they are above the law and do what EVER it takes to cover things up (if their involved in any way). Even if they are not directly involved they don’t care at all to do anything involving people’s pets. (I can sadly see why people don’t care when cops get shot in today’s society). If they don’t have to care…we don’t have to care about them either.

    • Agreed. I hate to say it but for a long time I have hated cops. I hate their general lack of integrity and frankly a lot of them are stupid. Sorry it that is rude but that is my impression. They are losing the respect of the public.

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