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Police caught the sh*t who kicked the cat after viral video, £5k reward and celebrity help

The tweets below tell the story of a cat abuser and how the tweet went viral and eventually the youth was arrested. A British celebrity businessman, Duncan Bannatyne offered a £5,000 reward to find the “piece of sh*t’ who cosied up to a ginger tabby on the street pretending to pet the cat and then kicked him hard. This is almost a trend because more recently a 15-year-old youth went to pet a cat on a wall and then slapped the cat hard. A very similar style of cat abuse.

In this instance, the horrible video was shown on Protect All Wildlife’s Twitter feed. I won’t show it but the screenshot below provides a feel for what was to come for this cat. In the short video a thug in a tracksuit and fancy trainers pretends to stroke the trusting ginger-and-white outdoor cat, before violently kicking him. The video has been seen at least 2.48 million times. Comic Ricky Gervais also retweeted the original to spread the word to find the thug.

Duncan Bannatyne and still from the video.

Below is Duncan Bannatyne’s tweet in response:

Below are screenshots of two Twitter tweets which tell us that the police have caught another cat abusing 15-year-old youth. I say another because, as mentioned, the other cat abusing criminal I refer to was 15 as well.

Comment: there is not much to say except crime in the UK has got worse. The police are asleep. They do not tackle relatively minor crime which promotes crime and more serious crime. But for the viral nature of this Twitter video clip, the police would not have woken up.

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  • The thugs that hurt animals should be named no mater what age they are they know that it’s wrong to hurt an animal

  • His name better be kept confidential or he could be a lot more than shamed, which I'd advocate but no one seems to be affected by that any more.

    • I don't know. I think his name will be kept confidential unless a judge allows it to be publicised as he is only 15.

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