Police Chief supports Sam Wood’s hunting of feral cats in Wisconsin

Wild Rose police badge

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The police chief of Wild Rose, Wisconsin, USA in effect supports the hunting and shooting dead of feral cats in and around his town and therefore by default he must also support the hunting of feral cats in Wisconsin because as far as I’m aware there are no particular animal welfare laws in the town of Wild Rose which countermand the general laws of the state of Wisconsin.

The police chief is wrong and I explain why on this page:

Is It Legal to Shoot Feral Cats in Wisconsin?

I have carefully studied the law and I am personally convinced that it is illegal to hunt and shoot dead feral cats in the state of Wisconsin (unless under exceptional circumstances) but as I stated in the above-mentioned article, the law is unenforced with regard to feral cats. I am sure that many citizens of Wisconsin will disagree with me in the belief that it is legal to shoot feral cats in their state. If you are one of those people please tell me why in a comment but it has to be a sound argument with reference to all relevant law.

There is an underlying desire in Wisconsin to be allowed to hunt feral cats. I state that because about 15 years ago the state came up with the idea of legally allowing the hunting of feral cats. It did not progress sufficiently to be passed into law. But the very fact that it was seriously discussed and almost became a law of this state indicates that there are a large number of people including people in authority who would like to make it legal to hunt feral cats. It also tells us that it is illegal to hunt feral cats in Wisconsin.

The underlying objective I believe colours the opinion of people in authority such as police chiefs who are perhaps themselves under pressure not to enforce the law with respect to the hunting of feral cats.

This article is based upon the well-known feral cat hunter Sam Wood, who is addicted to shooting at feral cats.

If you play the video above you will note (towards the end of the video) that there was, I believe, a nationwide reaction by the public to my article about Sam Wood (see below) which included a dozen telephone calls to the police chief at Wild Rose asking him/her to take action to ensure that Sam Wood was prosecuted for animal cruelty. His response as you will note in the video was that Mr Wood was doing nothing illegal. I strongly disagree.

Arrogant hunter addicted to killing feral cats

If the police won’t uphold the law on cruelty to feral cats because it suits them it is a dire state of affairs. Their sole duty is to enforce the law objectively without fear or favor. Feral cats don’t receive their protection.

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17 thoughts on “Police Chief supports Sam Wood’s hunting of feral cats in Wisconsin”

  1. What I find thoroughly interesting, and astounding, is that millions of cats are being killed each year legally. And all that JUST because you refuse to believe why it is happening. If you warn your fellow cat-owners of how and why all their cats are being legally killed, then maybe the deaths of all those millions of cats each year would stop.

    But no. You want to XXXXX as more millions of cats are being killed each year — JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.

    Makes you feel all warm and cozy, don’t it.XXXXXX

    1. Around 2m are euthanized at shelters. Are you saying that millions of cats in America are shot every year? Are you saying that millions of cats in America are illegally killed every year? What are you claiming? That it is legal to shoot or poison cats in America that are outside the home no matter what state you live in and no matter whether the cat is domestic, stray or feral? If so provide hard proof but no BS because you are an inveterate bullshiter.

      I have redacted the rude and gratuitously nasty parts of your comment.

        1. Yes, it is one of those creepy sites that has psychopaths as members who like to kill or injure any animal. I get it. Your mates. Thanks for the link Woody. I can read some of the BS they spew out and get ideas for an article.

  2. Nuisance-animal, pest-control, depredation-control, zoonotic disease containment, and invasive-species laws supersede all other animal-protection laws–except for endangered-species and a few regulated game-animal laws. Even endangered-species laws are not fool-proof to protect an animal from being intentionally and legally shot to death; e.g. even a highly endangered Florida Panther attacking a human can be legally shot to death. If you suspect an animal to be carrying rabies or any other deadly zoonotic disease, even cats’ ever-present Toxoplasma gondii, they can be legally shot to death on your own property.

    This is true in every state, every country on earth. Even in the UK.

    1. Pure rubbish. You’re bullshitting as usual. You produce nothing to support what you say. It comes out of your arse as usual. If you’re going to write a lot of bullshit then at least try and support it with proper legal argument supported by reference to case law or statute law.

  3. This seems like the kind of case ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) would be interested in. Strongly urge interested local people (& even those further away) to contact that excellent group.

      1. Not talking about the Lindsey case but about feral cat killing spree in WI, which is a real public interest matter, involving misconduct by law enforcement as well as overt cruelty by an individual. Somebody should contact ALDF —

        1. I would love to see someone step in and put a stop to this. Not only is it little more than spree killing it’s dangerous to any cat who happens to be outside. I’m not even going to engage in the cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam.
          I repeat
          If Tiger had been a little fluffy dog the internet would have exploded.
          If they were shooting stray at large dogs in the street the internet would explode
          If some nutwackojob said he enjoyed killing loose dogs and making seat covers out of them the internet would explode.
          A feral cat is cat that came from abandoned pets or domesticated farm animals. Not only do we need to prosecute the whackadoodles killing them we need to prosecute at every opportunity the negligent owners who refuse to S/N their pets and continue to add to the problem.

          1. It is mandatory by law in nearly every, if not every, state of the USA to shoot any dog on sight that is seen harassing wildlife. This is why feral dog-packs are a rarity in most areas. They are SHOT before things get that bad. I keep a paintball-gun loaded with red-pellets for any stray dogs. Stings enough to teach a teachable dog, and leaves a nice signal on their coat. The first time they get the paintball gun (and MAYBE a 2nd time too if they seem to be a well-mannered dog). If that doesn’t teach the owner and alert them to what could have REALLY happened to their dog, then sadly nobody is learning anything — so out comes the rifle next time their dog is seen chasing wildlife.

            Cats aren’t so easily forgiven, because from past experience I know that warning a XXXXX makes absolutely no difference whatsoever (as anyone knows who has ever tried to deal with any of them, look at this very discussion as proof of what I say). I and the sheriff tried that failed method of trying to reason-XXXXX for over 15 years while their cats annihilated all the native wildlife on my lands — from smallest of prey up to the top predators that cats had starved to death by turning all their foods into tortured-to-death play-toys for their cats. And if the native animals were not starved out or killed directly, then all their offspring that were forced to starve-to-death when the parents no longer returned to feed their offspring.

            Cat-owners could really care less about their outdoor cats (or any animals, or any other life on earth for that matter, they would even rather that all humans died than XXXXXX) and they don’t really care how ANY of their cats die. So out comes the rifle on the first sighting of a cat instead of the paintball-gun. They don’t care how their free-roaming XXXXX is going to die, so why on earth should anyone else? Nobody has the time to put up with a XXXXXX. I most certainly learned that the hard way. (At the cost of countless thousands and thousands of native animals on my lands that their XXXXXX.

            People who actually care about their animals keep them confined and supervised, or they lose them — permanently. You can tell who actually loves their animals because their animals are still alive. If you treat your animal as an expendable thing then so will everyone else. Again, you have nobody but yourselves to blame for the deaths of any of your domesticated animals that you let roam free.

            1. Woody, I have published your comment but redacted out your insults and objectionable language. I published it in the interest of free speech. If you insult me about the redacted out bits I will delete the comment. I have been very generous to you in publishing it so please shut up and accept the very slight amendments that I have had to make to ensure that other visitors who I value and respect do not complain to me.

              1. Shooting the neighbors dogs with paintball guns can and has gotten people charged with animal cruelty.
                I know of no law demanding anyone to shoot dogs harassing wildlife. Even livestock owners have the choice of shooting and it does not impact any recovery for damages. Discharging a gun in some places will land you in jail.
                Most civilized people refrain from killing dogs , and cats unless damage, or disease is a REAL factor not imagined. Most pet owners get numerous requests per the property owner and Animal Control before dispatching an out of control pet.
                Normal people don’t sit in their front yards with a paint ball gun.
                For you Woody. My cats are 100% indoor but it’s nuts like you that scare me to death worse than stray dogs and coyotes should one get out. I’d hate to be the person who shot one of my cats or slammed them with a paint ball.

  4. This attitude is another one of the reasons Kristen Lindsey was not prosecuted for animal cruelty. Different state but same attitude. Cats are vermin and despite there is often no way to tell a feral cat from a stray cat or one that is simply allowed to roam they are all fair game in the eyes of cat haters.

    1. Correct ME. I think too that the police don’t always have a excellent grasp of the law except for the law pertaining to their activities.

      1. Even if an officer makes an arrest it’s not their job to press charges that falls to local prosecuting attorneys. Even in cases where a ticket can be written offenders often go to court and it gets pled down to nothing or dismissed or the officer can’t show up for court.
        Tigers case only made it to a SVB because she was dumb enough to think it was smart to post that crap to FB. The picture and her own words sunk her. Had Tiger simply been found along the road he would have likely been tossed to one side or bagged for disposal.
        This was a case ripe for prosecution with the defendant admitting to the killing and evidence that she lied about her reasoning. She was fully aware of whose cat that was and that he was not feral. Her and her lawyer have made a mockery out of his death. Shame of a missed opportunity.

        1. Thanks ME. Yes, I know that police forces don’t prosecute criminals. But I think I was trying to say that the police should provide the evidence and then put that evidence to the prosecutors for them to do the job.

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