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Police department resident cat Sarge Butters is removed and the community doesn’t like it

Sarge Butters at work

“Unfortunately someone said “Hey, here’s a ray of sunshine, let’s secretly take it away because we don’t need it anymore” then “let’s cover it up and try to bully anyone who wants to know any truth.” – Alan Bagshaw on FB

Sarge Butters was popular at work

The Facebook webpage, Save Sarge Butters reports that the Town Board of Mocksville demanded that the Mocksville Police Department (MPD) get rid of the station’s resident and very popular cat, Sarge Butters. He was removed as was his popular Facebook page. The town’s administrators said that the FB page was unprofessional. They believed that having a cat at the police station and the FB page made the police look unprofessional.

FB poster

The citizens of Mocksville, as far as I can judge from FB postings, disagree with the city administrators. They appreciated Sarge Butters and believe that he contributed to better police/community relations. They created the cat’s FB page with the purpose of getting him back. They want to convince them to reinstate Sarge Butters.

“Pretty amazing story of how to get it really right…then blow it. Not only did Mocksville pull a PR miracle- people all over the world charmed by Sarge Butters- but they found a clever and personality infused way of relating to their town, their region- the world! Butters WAS Mocksville’s best known ambassador. Then, self inflicted disaster. One small cat (even a handsome Ginger) can’t solve all the crimes or right all the wrongs, but SB made the police seem approachable, human and humane. What a screw up. Unforced error, Mocksville!” – Boo Barnett on FB

And also Sarge Butters improved morale in the department. However, for me, there is what I would call ‘smoke and mirrors’ surrounding the removal of this popular red tabby-and-white male cat.

There appear to be shenanigans going on and that includes Facebook which removed a post by Susan Whitener about a lack of transparency from the authorities. The police chief who supported Sarge Butters was on holiday when Butters was removed.

“I smell a conspiracy….the Police Chief IS on vacation while all of this is happening & he’s an advocate for Sarge” – Angela Khan-Norton on FB.

And there is an argument about whether the police officers themselves loved and appreciated the presence of Sarge Butters. In the screenshot below you can see that a person named Benita claimed that the police officers were happy for Sarge Butters to be removed from the office.

Sarge Butters was not appreciated by the police officers apparently

Susan Whitener (posting on the FB page started by Sabrina, Save Sarge Butters), said that in her personal experience of visiting the police department the officers liked Sarge Butters around.

“And to address the text to me about most of the officers didn’t like Sarge, well I know what I have seen with my own two eyes each time I stop by and here are more than a couple different officers in pictures proving otherwise. Sure doesn’t seem like fake smiles to me!”

Sarge Butters was popular at work

And Kathy makes a good point:

“Fact: Sarge Butters does not just belong to one person…this kitty belongs to our community!! They had no right to just give or put this kitty somewhere. He belongs to all of Davie County!!! They should let the community decide where he should go…if he has to be moved somewhere!!! We all love him and want to visit with him!! WHERE IS SARGE BUTTERS!!!!” – Kathy A Anderson on FB.

Yes, and another thing: the concerned citizens of Mocksville want to know where Sarge Buttes is right now. What happened to him?

Finally, there is a petition in support of the reinstatement of Sarge Butters. It is doing well.

Comment: Personally I am a great fan of workplace cats. There are many examples of ‘working cats’ improving the working environment and public relations. Bring him back please.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Benita sent a message saying it's not exactly like it seems. She's not on the town board. She doesn't work for the police. It was a simple message. The fact that she's been part of this community for years and was voted to her position says something about her character. Instead of everyone speculating things and trying to crucify her; go to the board meeting and get the clarity you want. it's not her place to fix what 2-3 others did is it?
    I barely know her but I do know she didn't make any decisions about that cat. Id forgot what a good Christian community we live in where you wait till you know who did kick the cat before you look for scapegoats.

    • Do you know who did remove Sarge Butters? Why all the secrecy? Is the person who has him in fear of their life or job? Or has Sarge been harmed or abandoned in some way?

      • All good question but I don't have the answers. If you can find some answers that would be great. I'll do a bit of nosing around.

  • I couldn't have said it better myself, Michael. Cats are a time-proven, time honored benefit to the workplace environment. The idea to remove him was selfish, misguided and probably singular in genesis. Some ONE didn't like cats and thought they made the department less masculine, the basis for much of police work and recruitment, which I think is out of step with modern thinking. You know the old saying: the flip side of most police officers is a street thug, and thugs are all about presenting machismo. So it's probably just one or two old time guys on the town board who made this decision. I don't even think Sgt. Joe Friday would have kicked a Sgt. Butters out of the L.A.P.D.

  • Your description was previously incorrect, but the image displays my phone number sir. Just asking for a little courtesy. Thank you.

  • I believe it has been removed from the other pages. It is better for only correct information to be shared.
    Thank you.

    • I changed the description of you. Out of interest why do you object to the image. They are your words. Did you not intend to write them? Why is the information in the image incorrect?

      • She (Benita) is a County Commissioner. She meant what she said. Two faced people always trying to cover their tracks!!

        • Thanks for that. I think the moral of this part of the story is that IM communications on FB or anywhere else can be converted to images using screenshots and end up on the internet.

  • Please remove my screenshot conversation from this article. I am not a police officer and this is an unfinished, misunderstood conversation. Thank you.

    • Hi Benita. I'll be happy to comply if the screenshot has also been deleted from Facebook otherwise what is the point?

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