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Police have been taking cats trapped by residents to the pound — 2 Comments

  1. And this, precisely your stating that, “It is perfectly legal and should be acceptable to allow domestic cats to wander around outside.” is why we just shoot or poison your cats now. So simple, so effective, so permanent a fix, and there’s not one damn thing that you can do about it. LOL 🙂 Cry and wail all you want, your cats get poisoned or shot no matter what you do! LOL

    AND IT IS __*** YOUR ***__ FAULT.

    I think I’ll give the name of “Michael” to the next 10 cats that I shoot, in your honor. I dearly hope that some of them show signs of nursing (as some had in the past), then it means that another 5-8 vermin kittens will cry at night and feed the wildlife with their usually useless carcasses. One 1-cent bullet can provide as much as 9 dead cats!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is legal to let cats wander. You know it and you know that what you are advocating is illegal, crimimal and cruel. You should be ashamed but you don’t have the character for it.

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