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Police kill man who was handing in a cat at an animal shelter — 14 Comments

  1. City of Dothan Animal Shelter
    295 Jerry Drive
    Dothan, AL 36302
    (334) 615-4620
    About the Animal Shelter
    We are Dothan Animal Control. All animals have 20 days to be adopted. We do euthanasia. We do adoptions and try to place animals in their forever homes.

    Shelters Service Area
    We adopt to the surrounding communities and out of state.

    R.I.P. Robert Earl Lawrence.

  2. Evidently this gentleman considered himself a sovereign citizen which would exempt him from the requirement to possess or produce a government-issued I.D. Sovereign citizens do not recognize the authority of the government. Unfortunately sovereign citizens quite often utilize the services provided by the governments they reject, like, oh, say, County animal shelters. When they do so, drama often ensues. Derpity derp derp.

    • This is one messed up case. When the news broke and media picked it up it was equally divided by sources on whether it was a dog or a cat. It really doesn’t matter because the issue is whether the police had any non-lethal methods instead of shooting him. The case is still very sketchy.

  3. This is such a sad story on so many levels. I only wish that we knew the whole story. This is another in a long line of tragedies that involve the police in America.

  4. Gosh I’m saddened and flabbergasted at this horrific story. Has the whole world gone mad? Or am I being over sensitive myself!?
    It is a horrid world we live in if there clearly are so many disturbed individuals (who hand back animals for whatever their ghastly reasoning behind the handing back – which is depraved in itself also). One just assumes (ignorantly) that animals are taken to shelters due to roaming or being wild or other regular reasons not extreme reasons like vengeance or intolerance or cruelty etc etc. And who then in this case (Mr Lawrence), are maligned by the system which is supposed to be doing good in the first place. And doubly bad regarding the police officer. No one in any country wants to hear about police fatally shooting someone unless it was to prevent a serious crime and warranted. Or is it we now have to live in fear of this totalitarian attitude in the USA and certain other countries?
    It would seem easy to hand in a frightened stray but alas now in our world it has gone beyond an act of kindness so we can only sympathise with the protocols commanding what seems like ludicrous rules but in fact are there to protect all involved in what would seem a simple thing but actually is these days a very complex situation. I only came to such a conclusion after reading about the poor cat ‘Midnight’…..(which was total lunacy but had a wonderful ending thankfully) and this story combined with that story has made me more mindful of being judgemental as there is always another side to every story. The outcome just depends on who it is that is that deals with these problems who is left to find a solution and not jump to overzealous conclusions.
    We just have to accept that things have changed and we no longer live in the ‘good’ world of old.

    • Has the whole world gone mad?

      This is what it looked like to me but perhaps something is going on that we are unaware of.

      One problem in writing about these sort of events is that only two people know exactly what happened: the shelter employee and the police officer and we sure as hell are never going to find out from them exactly what happened.

  5. The shelters ask for ID in many areas to prevent people from surrendering to a shelter outside their area. I know many counties will only take pets from within the county they operate.

    • Jan says the same thing and it is surprising to me. It seems the shelters have a certain amount of bad behavior to deal with from customers which is background trouble which may exacerbate things.

  6. To the best of my knowledge most animal Shelters that are doing things properly do ask for people to show ID when they are handing I a animal. The animal could be stolen by a neighbor, if it is their own pet and they have a history of bringing in large amounts of animals, if their is possible animal abuse involved, or if a person turning in would like to reclaim the animal. Some animal rescues actually call the animal control in the applicants community as part of a back ground check you would be shocked at how many people turn in pets and go out and get another one immediately not a good adoption candidate! Many AC Shelters are associated with the police or run by the police as a division they are not there to protect animals. Yes many people who work at AC are irritable maybe tired of the endless parade of people coming to leave animals to be killed. Or, maybe they are just cranky and mean and that is why they work there. But to shoot someone who didn’t have proper ID which is usually a driver license and if you had a DUI you may not have one well that is just crazy!

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