Police officer shot intervening in dispute over feeding cats

Police officer shot trying to stop a dispute between a person feeding feral cats and another.
Screenshot from video.
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Feeding feral cats can lead to disputes. We know that, but rarely, if ever, does it escalate to a shooting. Sadly, in this incident one of persons involved shot a cop who survived.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy was investigating and it seems that he wanted to break up the argument and was shot by one of the protagonists. We are not told which one. Was it the person feeding the cats or the person who was arguing with him/her? One of them became agitated and went to his car and loaded his rifle. The man was shot dead by the police officer and the police offer was shot more than once. Update: further research indicates that the person shot was the man who was not feeding the cats. Further update: a better report on a different website indicates that it was the cat feeder who lost his rag and shot the officer and was then killed.

It is sad that feeding feral cats can lead to this. It is a reflection as to how annoyed and agitated people can become when feeding feral cats are concerned. There are many argument on this issue and they go to the top: the councils and councillors who argue about laws preventing or allowing the feeding of feral cats.

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7 thoughts on “Police officer shot intervening in dispute over feeding cats”

  1. My response is that apparently you lack the integrity to admit you wwere wrong. Either that or you lack the time, because you’re wrong about nearly everything.

    1. Yes, I have just read the linked page and you are right, it was the cat feeder who was shot (provided the evidence is accurate). I guess he was just as exasperated as you or his neighbours about the feral cats. In his case the exasperation came from seeing their suffering and no one doing anything about it and getting criticised and for feeding them and for the neighbours who dislike feral cats their irritation came from seeing the cats fed which they hate.

      I would agree that he went too far in feeding cats down the road and I would not endorse his behavior.

      You can put your anger and hatred away in its box now until the next time 😉

      1. This has been a long time coming. The cat-nutter was used to bullying his more civil neighbors (i.e. SANE people) and took it too far. The neighbors hated having their property contaminated and they and their children needlessly exposed to cat-vectored zoonotic diseases.

        They might not come out and say it publicly, but five’ll getcha ten they’re glad to see that cat-feeding idiot gone. So am I. Makes the world a better place.

        Thanks to TNR the first case of cat-vectored fleaborne typhus was diagnosed/report in San Diego county (MY county) in May 2018. Since then the disease has burned its way through both Riverside and Los Angeles counties. This spring some of the offices in Los Angeles City Hall were shut down because the fleas were jumping off the cats (and rats) onto city personnel, and they were coming down with typhus.

        At least two LA City Councilpersons and the current Mayor are no-kill “animal rights” extremists. So is the head of Amimal Services. They are among those responsible for this mess. And it’s getting worse.

  2. “Dennis Arnensten, who lives in the area, said the SUSPECT was always involved in arguments with neighbors about the feral cats. “He feeds all the cats everywhere down here and we always used to say, ‘If you want to feed them, fine, feed them at your house,’ but he comes all the way down here, puts pans out and all the neighbors weren’t too happy with him,” Arnensten said.”

    So exactly WHO is the suspect here? That would be the guy who fired on the Sheriff, would it not? But a neighbor said the SUSPECT was who was always getting into arguments with his neighbors because he insisted on feeding feral CATS everywhere. Draw your own conclusion, if you’re able.

  3. I posted the link to the news article. Would you like me to do so again? Here is it again. The previously posted excerpt was from THIS news bulletin. Read it and weep. Better yet, admit you were wrong:


  4. Sorry, it was the FEEDER who, in response to arguments with his neighbors over inundating them with feral cats and their diseases, whipped out a rifle and started shooting. A Brevard Co. Sheriff’s Deputy returned fire and killed him, but was himself seriously wounded.

    Guess I should send that deputy a bouquette of lilies and a thank you note. Excerpt from and link to article follows:

    “Dennis Arnensten, who lives in the area, said the suspect was always involved in arguments with neighbors about the feral cats. “He feeds all the cats everywhere down here and we always used to say, ‘If you want to feed them, fine, feed them at your house,’ but he comes all the way down here, puts pans out and all the neighbors weren’t too happy with him,” Arnensten said.”

    A very significant aspect of this is that the cat-rescue extremists will find it difficult to blame this on TNR opponents, as it was the FEEDER who shot the deputy (and was put down for it). Not to say that the most fanatical among them won’t try, because as we all know, they value cats’ lives over humans’.

    And this also highlights the exasperation of communities forced to live under onerous local “ordinances” that allow them no recourse from being exposed to unconfined invasive felines and their diseases. Here again we see the TRUE face of the TNR/no-kill movement, and its consequences.


    So let’s see if you have the integrity to print this, Michael–it proves you wrong.

    1. Mr Holden, are you making this up? What is your source? NBC-2 say this:

      “The sheriff said that when the deputy arrived at the scene Tuesday night, one person was extremely agitated about a neighbor who was feeding feral cats.”


      This indicates (but it is not certain) that the person who shot the police officer was the person who was not feeding the cats but arguing with the person who was feeding the cats. What is your response?

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