Police officer stops traffic to assist injured cat in road

Officer stops traffic to assist injured cat in road

Officer stops traffic to assist injured cat in road

The picture is telling and stark and was taken by Sean Lovegrove who was in an adjacent store when the accident occurred. Sean said:

“She’s ok. She scurried under the only car in the parking lot (mine lol) and though I was on my way home I waited 45 mins til animal control could show up. The officer and I couldn’t get the kitty out from under the car and we didn’t want to risk running it over. She had a bum leg, though.”

So it looks like the police officer stopped the traffic allowing the cat to scurry under Sean’s car where he stayed until Animal Control took charge. They took the cat away successfully. We are not told of the outcome from a medical standpoint. Is the cat okay? That’s the big question.

Injured cat under car

Injured cat under car

The cat had an injured leg which is perhaps why the cat looks a bit lopsided on the road.

Apparently according to the Evening Express the photo was taken on New Years Eve last. When the police officer tried to pick up the cat he was clawed and then the cat ‘scurried’ under the car in the parking lot (Sean’s car) clearly very frightened.

The cat is female and, in fact, had one or two broken legs. She looks like a calico (tortoiseshell-and-white).

Comment: it is nice to see a police officer do this. It humanises the police. It’s a PR exercise and it helps the image of the police force in the eyes of the public. I hope the cat is alright. It would be very sad if she was subsequently euthanised. I’m keen to see a follow up story on what happened to the cat.

The story comes from Reddit. I don’t know in which state of America this happened.

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Police officer stops traffic to assist injured cat in road — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah I hope the cat was taken care of, in a healing way, not euthanized (unless she was too broken). Even in that case so much can be done these days that we should always give them every opportunity to survive and thrive again. Every time I see something like this I want to put feelers out to the police and humane society or animal control that I would take care of seriously hurt cats, especially if no one else will, and that I should be called immediately. There’s no excuse for these animals to suffer if we can help them. Many times hurt animals are just pts because no one is readily available to pay for immediate services.

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