Police said that people can pay their parking fines with a cat food donation

Muncie Police Dept came up with this nice idea
Muncie Police Dept came up with this nice idea of parking fines being paid with cat food donations because the local shelter was struggling financially. Pictures: Muncie Police.
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Because the Muncie Animal Care and Services Shelter was running short of supplies to care for their 350+ cats, the Muncie Police Department decided that, for certain parking tickets over the period July 15 through July 19, people could pay the ticket by a donation of cat food or cat litter to the Department’s clerk’s office.

What happened was remarkable in that even people who had not been given a parking ticket donated cat food to the clerk’s office, which, according to their Twitter feed became rammed with cat food from floor to ceiling.

“If you have a $25 parking ticket, you can bring up to $25’s worth of cat food or litter to the clerk’s office, and you can get your parking ticket to go away with the exchange of the donation,” – Officer Jamie Brown in a July 15 video on the Muncie Police Department Facebook page.

“This room was almost empty before we started! Most of the folks that donated didn’t even have parking tickets,” – Muncie Police tweeted with photographs of the pile of donations.

P.S. “Muncie is an incorporated city and the seat of Delaware County, Indiana. It is located in East Central Indiana, about 50 miles northeast of Indianapolis.” – Wikipedia. This is in the upper mideast region of the USA just south of the Great Lakes.

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