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Policeman allegedly shoots dead a friendly, neutered ginger cat at Durban airport

This is a strange story and I’m going to guess that it is an incomplete one. I say that because the death of this ginger cat is utterly pointless. The report doesn’t tell us why the policeman allegedly shot dead this friendly cat.

Policeman allegedly shot airport cat. Image: Elvis Ntombela. Image modified and words added by PoC.

The cat was well-known. He was known as “Boy”. He hung out with his brother whose name is “Snowy”. They both lived at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport. They’ve lived there for more than five years.

“Everyone knew these cats. They had been neutered several years ago by a vet in Ballito. I would see them if I had an early flight to catch. They were calm and friendly. You could pick them up.” – Andre Stokes, the founder of a local cat sanctuary (see below)

A cab driver, Teddy Uganarian, said that he is one of many people who fed the two neutered, male, domestic cats twice a day.

On the day in question, the cats emerged from a bush and Teddy fed them. Then the police officer shot the cat. The shooting took place in front of him he says.

Snowy has been taken to a cat sanctuary: Nine Lives Cat Sanctuary in Waterfall. He was taken therefore his own safety. He is still there at the time of this post.

The police officer’s name is Leonard Buthelezi. He is 43 years of age. He made an appearance at a magistrate’s court on Wednesday on three charges, namely, discharging a firearm in a public place, cruelty to animals and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He will reappear in court in January 2020.

Comment: as mentioned, the big question is why did he do it because he did it in front of a cab driver so the whole thing was witnessed and the cats were known and loved. They were domestic cats. We would like to know why because it is a mystery and if the allegation is true it was an incredibly silly thing to do in addition, of course, to being a terribly cruel act.

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