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I am in a poll mood today 🙂 . Here are some options in a poll which are designed to improve cat guardianship standards through local byelaws to make certain aspects of cat ownership mandatory. A small minority spoil it for the majority by allowing, for instance, their cats to bred and then neglectfully allowing them to wander away from the home and become feral where they procreate and create feral kittens. There should be no feral cats anywhere. That’s the ideal. Cat domestication has failed dramatically in this respect. When the first wild cats were domesticated, there was no vision about 300m feral cats inhabiting the planet. All of them are a symptom of human failure in the domestication of the cat. If people won’t improve cat ownership standards voluntarily it will have to be imposed via the law. The good cat owners shouldn’t be bothered as any new laws would not affect them as they are already ticking all the boxes. There are also the issues of (1) cat safety (2) wildlife protection from cat predation and (3) neighbour disputes.


Which one of these options do you prefer to improve cat ownership standards to protect cats, wildlife and avoid neighbour disputes?

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