Poll: do you agree with a domestic cat curfew?

Cats are Houdini escapologists
Cats are Houdini escapologists. Image in public domain. Words added by MikeB.
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Please use the poll below. Knox, A suburb of Melbourne, is in the news for making it law that their cat owners keep their cats confined to their homes 24/7. They are the second council in the world to take such draconian steps to protect cats, protect wildlife and prevent nuisance (after another Aussie council). It is controversial but the concept of cat confinement is becoming more popular due to more domestic cats because of more people. What do you think:

Do you agree with a domestic cat curfew?

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It should be noted that it can take considerable effort to confine a domestic cat. They like their freedoms. It depends on the cat as to how concerned they are about being free. My cat cannot be confined. I know because he chewed his way out of a £3,500 cat confinement fence! I gave up on the idea. Other cats will be perfectly content to remain in the home and backyard. Thought: get a placid female cat and confine them. Females require smaller home ranges and are more likely to accept a curfew. More peace of mind for the owner by the way. There are advantages beyond protecting wildlife and the cat from road traffic deaths and neighbour complaints of nuisance.

How many cat owners who allow their cats to roam are sometimes anxious about their cat’s welfare? Some don’t care but many do. There is a solution. I am a fan of cat confinement. The cost is a bit steep as you have to construct something solid to keep cats in. And they don’t appreciate it one bit.


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