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Polydactyl Cats — 3 Comments

  1. We live in the country and my polydactal cat came out of the woods to live with us. She was about 2 years old and going to have babys in a couple weeks the vet. said. So we had never heard of these kind of cats, but she had the kittens 6 in all, 4 with extra toes front and back so we put a add in the paper and they gone in no time. Momma we named Toe Toe, she is our seetheart . Nov.25 2013

  2. I live in the uk and I recently bought a polydactal kitten, I had never heard about one of these cats until I read up on the web. The kitten I have is very
    dexrious and can run and play with a ball better than my four toed cats which
    I already have. I noticed how my kitten is very loud when he purrs too. He is adorable and so affectionate. Now that I know more about these type of cats
    the history of them and how they have been transported by ships all over the world its very interesting reading.

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